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WASB Regions and Directors
Region Image map of Wisconsin Region 1 Region 2 Region 3 Region 4 Region 5 Region 6 Region 10 Region 7 Region 8 Region 9 Region 12 Region 15 Region 14 Region 11 Region 13 For governance purposes, the state is divided into 15 WASB regions. Each member school board has one vote for its regional representative to the board of directors. Directors are elected for three-year terms.

The board of directors are charged with the overall management of the affairs, funds and property of the association. Each year, the board selects from among its members a president, first vice president and second vice president. The executive director serves as the secretary-treasurer.
Region Director and Designation Position School District
Region 1 Stu Olson  1st Vice President Shell Lake
Region 2 Terry McCloskey 2nd Vice President Three Lakes
Region 3 Michael Blecha Immediate Past President Green Bay
Region 4 Bill Yingst, Sr.
Region 5 Rick Eloranta   Owen Withee
Region 6 Mary Jo Rozmenoski   Black River Falls
Region 7 Elizabeth Hayes   Fond du Lac
Region 8 Steve Klessig   Brillion
Region 9 Wanda Owens  President Barneveld
Region 10 Alice Marquardt   Rio
Region 11 Brett Hyde   Muskego Norway
Region 12 Nancy Thompson   Waterloo
Region 13 Patrick Sherman


Genoa City J2 & Lake Geneva- Genoa City UHS
Region 14 Terrence Falk   Milwaukee
Region 15 Ron Frea
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