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wspraCommunications Tips
provided by the Wisconsin School Public Relations Association

Communicating About Our Schools
Why it's important that we drive the conversation

Sarah Heck & Kevin Hickman, WSPRA

May 2014

Time to Tweet
Using social media to distribute information and connect with stakeholders

Terrance Falk, WSPRA

September 2013

Exploring Community Engagement
Listening to community members and driving positive change in your district

Kate Winckler, WSPRA

May 2013

Crisis Communication in the Social Media Age
Listening, engaging, and responding through social media.

Lori Blakeslee, WSPRA

September 2011

The most difficult community conversation
Talking with your community about school finance.

Joe Donovan, WSPRA

April 2011

reach your fans
The rewards of a Facebook fanpage outweigh the risks.

Lori Blakeslee, WSPRA

January/February 2011

inside out communication
Develop your employees into positive ambassadors for your district.

Mabel Schumacher, WSPRA

October 2010

communicating in a new decade
Using free social media tools to engage the community.

Melissa Badger, WSPRA

August 2010

reaching all stakeholders
How well are you communicating with all generations in your community?

Lori Blakeslee, WSPRA

April 2010

basic rules of engagement
You've informed, you've sought input, but did you engage?

Lori Blakeslee, WSPRA

December 2010

putting the pieces together
Districts team up with community organizations to boost education opportunities.

Lori Blakeslee, WSPRA

September 2009

Tell your district's story this summer
Let your community know about your district's good news.

Mabel Schumacher, WSPRA

June 2009

take your district online
Make social media and user-generated content work for your school district.

Amanda Brooker, WSPRA

April 2009

Go ahead, brag a little
Energy Star rating gives district an opportunity to boast about its good work.

Keith Marty, WSPRA

February 2009

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