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Investing in Wisconsin Public Schools
WASBO, WSPRA and the WASB are proud to Introduce an exciting, new, hands-on tool to provide an understanding of the variables, stakeholders and nuances of financing Wisconsin's public schools.
There’s no getting around it; Wisconsin public school finance is complex. When key stakeholders - parents, staff, school board members and the community - lack understanding of this difficult topic, the ramifications to our public school districts can be devastating. The ability to provide high quality education experiences for all students in a safe and healthy environment can be jeopardized.

Investing in Wisconsin Public Schools™ has been developed collaboratively by WASBO, WASB, WSPRA and Edventures in Learning, to help address the challenges of educating stakeholders on public school finance. This comprehensive activity includes large scale visual maps, key data points, and engaging discussion questions, which are designed to be used in small groups facilitated by trained Table Coaches.

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