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We are proud to announce our
2012 Business Honor Roll!
Below is a list of businesses that have partnered with and supported their local schools. Read the entries below to learn how these organizations have worked with their local public schools for the benefit of students.
(Columns are sortable by clicking on column headers.)
District business description
Appleton Area appleton housing authority (aha) The School Build Community Partnership allows AASD 12th grade students to gain hands-on work experience while learning about the social good in creating housing for all income levels and abilities. Students taking part in our AASD House Construction Class receive hands-on experiences as part of their program of study in the Construction Career Cluster. During this five-year partnership, 8 universal designed/no-step entry affordable housing units have been built. Students in the program helped to build a duplex (2-family home) which is located on the North side of Appleton. Students in our Appleton Career Academy also helped in the house build project by designing the interior and exterior finishes of the home.
Appleton Area community first credit union (cfcu) Community First has been a strong supporter in helping us to promote financial literacy in our schools since 2000. They helped to implement our required 1 semester Personal Financial Management course in our high schools. This course helps teach students to be knowledgeable consumers, prudent savers and investors, and productive members of the workforce. CFCU has also sponsored AASD teachers to be able to attend financial training that will pertain to the courses they are teaching. CFCU also opened a credit union branch in each of our high schools as well as one at Jefferson Elem. and one at Roosevelt Middle School. These credit unions train students to be tellers and participate in promotional activities related to the school branch office. Students in these schools can open real savings accounts, deposit and withdraw money, and learn to be responsible with their money. CFCU also helps support our Money Smarts Summer School program for 4th and 5th graders. Students set financial goals, make wise decisions before spending their money, learn basic money management skills, and are exposed to concepts of credit, debit, savings, and investment principles. CFCU has made financial donations over the years to help us purchase instructional materials and make this program possible.
Appleton Area orthopedic & sports institute
fox valley (OSI)
OSI's Medical Mentoring Program offers a select group of area juniors and seniors the rare opportunity to spend days with health care professional mentors. Students receive real-world experiences during this hands-on program. Participants get to watch clinician-patient interactions and experience a real-world glimpse of their futures. Medical mentoring is an opportunity for students to see, early on, what a career in the health field looks like and feels like. OSI also holds an April Fool's Run/Walk event which has raised over $20,000 for Appleton's High School athletic programs.
Appleton Area secura insurance companies Stephen Foster Elementary Charter School has been fortunate to have partnered with SECURA since 2001. In a way, SECURA has adopted Foster. Each year over 30 SECURA employees dedicate at least 1 hour per week tutoring some of Foster's neediest students in math and reading. They also serve as mentors. SECURA provides bussing costs to support Foster's participation in the Community Fun Run, purchases tickets and pays for bussing costs for students to see a performance at the Fox Cities Performing Arts Center (over 300 kids), and purchases a book for each student on their birthday (amongst many other things throughout the year).
Appleton Area plexus Community connections for our students have become just as critical as the classroom instruction they receive on a regular basis. Plexus Corp. understands the impact of these connections and has provided funding and, arguably far more important, technical mentoring for the N.E.W. Apple Corps FIRST Robotics Team in the Appleton Area School District. For the past 16 years Plexus has given high school students the opportunity to work side-by-side with technical professionals on an engineering project that challenges everyone to think creatively, work collaboratively, and learn collectively. The outcome is an experience that has helped students see the thrill of discovery and invention and led many of them to pursue post-secondary education and careers in engineering and technology related fields. By the numbers, 76 Plexus engineers and technical professionals have dedicated a combined total of 191 years of mentoring to the 195 students who have been involved in the robotics team over the past 16 years. The inspiration the students receive from the Plexus mentors goes beyond just learning about how machines work or how to program a robot or how to work through the design process; the students come away both educated and excited about what they are learning. They develop a passion for discovering how things work, solving problems as they arise, and learning by failing forward. The effect on the students is one that carries well beyond high school into college and later into their careers. Plexus is a company that truly understands what it means to be a good corporate citizen in our community and their partnership with the AASD is one shining example of how they have given back and impacted our community and our students for the better.
Ashland C.G. BRETTING MANUFACTURING Bretting manufacturing has supported the school district by offering tours for students and staff and by allowing employees to be committee members on various planning committees. They have also been an integral part of our advisory committee for the PLTW initiative. Bretting has also been a generous benefactor to our district and students.
Ashland memorial medical center Memorial Medical Center has partnered with our school district by offering job shadowing opportunities for our students. They have also been an integral part of strategic planning by allowing employees to be committee members. They have also engaged with us in crisis planning and staff development.
Ashland MIDLAND SERVICE INC. Midland services has supported our school district by developing a Cash for Kids campaign where customers are able to donate portions of their gas bill to the school. To date, Midland has donated over $20,000 to co-curricular activities.
Ashland northland college Northland College has been a valued educational and business partner. We have established a "Friends of the Field" agreement that allows reciprocal use of each institution's facilities such as baseball and soccer fields. They have also supported teacher development by granting credits for participation in district professional development activities. Northland staff have also been members of various district committees.
Baraboo baraboo economic development commission The Baraboo Board of Education nominates the Baraboo Economic Development Commission (BEDC) to the Wisconsin Association of School Boards 2012 Business Honor Roll. Through the efforts of BEDC a new collaborative partnership between our School District and local business community has been forged. BEDC has adopted a philosophy from the city’s guiding document called A New View, A New Path, A Way Forward which states that the economic health of the city and the quality of the schools will become an important part of any public discussion on the healthy development of the local business environment. We look forward to collaborating with BEDC as an integral part of our District’s Strategic Plan to work with business partnerships to create meaningful activities that will enrich our students’ experiences and add value to our community.
Barneveld Deer Valley
Golf Course
Deer Valley is the "home" course for our golf team. Todd and his staff work with our kids to help them develop as golfers--all of this is at no charge. A tournament is held each year with the proceeds going to our scholarship fund in addition to scholarships provide by Deer Valley. Several graduates have degrees in golf course management and are employed at Deer Valley.
Campbellsport Campbellsport News This weekly newspaper has articles and photos from our school in every issue. Many people in our community and many from our community who have moved away, choose to subscribe to this paper because of its positive attitude. Even in the wake of tragedy this little paper presents news with compassion and caring concern. Not only are our school's sports teams covered but many of our youth organizations and academic activities at all grade levels are featured. If someone wanted to know anything about our school district all they would have to do is pick up a copy of the Campbellsport News and start reading. The newspaper staff also comes in to our classrooms and presents to our students during “Newspapers in Education” week. They allow our students the opportunity to create ads for our local businesses and then those ads are used in future issues of the paper. The Campbellsport News has been a great partner in helping the school district get news out to people. Whether it is advertising our listening sessions, promoting school activities, informing the public of school issues and allowing for feedback from the community, our local newspaper has been a great partner!
Clintonville Walker Forge Rick Recktenwald, a Walker Forge VP and Clintonville Plant Manager, recognized a need to attract quality students into the manufacturing field. He partnered with the Waupaca County Economic Development Advisor and Clintonville Public Schools to create a "School to Manufacturing" program, where nominated sophomores and juniors discover the world of manufacturing first-hand through a paid summer work experience. When the students return to school in the fall, their schedules are built around employer's input, industry driven skills and DPI standards. The program is now in its fourth year.     
Elk Mound Area badger truck refrigeration inc. Jim Hittman has been a generous donor on behalf of Badger Truck Refrigeration for many years, well beyond when his own children attended school here. On one occasion when we lost power to our freezers, Jim found out we'd rented a freezer truck from his business. He told us to send any invoice we received directly to him. We have never received an invoice from his business. He is a strong booster of our school system.
Elk Mound Area bremer bank Bremer generously contributes scholarships each year to graduating seniors. They are very active in promoting school events such as holding tailgate parties for homecoming.
Elk Mound Area colfax messenger The Colfax Messenger, through LeAnn Ralph, attends almost every meeting of our school board. LeAnn does an excellent job of publishing information about our school in a fair and objective manner. If she is unclear about anything she goes out of her way to make sure she has accurate information.
Elk Mound Area Independence
State Bank
Dennis and the Independence Bank promote our school activities. They have made donations to school groups and provide scholarships to our graduating seniors.
Elk Mound Area White Tail
Golf course
Scott donates prizes and golf time to many of our school groups. He cosponsors an annual golf outting to support our high school football team.
Ellsworth Community Pierce County
Always reports positive school news about at least every other week.
Ellsworth Community Pierce-Pepin Coop Helped build the safeway path for school with lights and wiring by donating their time and efforts.
Elmbrook Pasternak &
Zirgibel, S.C.
Pasternak & Zirgibel, S.C. is a locally owned lawfirm and is an active supporter of Elmbrook Schools. They have donated $16,000 to the Elmbrook Education Foundation since 2008 through their titled sponsorship of Elmbrook Education Foundation Events. In addition, Pasternak & Zirgibel has provided over $40,000.00 of financial support to the District via Hillside Elementary (playground appeal, D.A.R.E. sponsor), Wisconsin Hills Middle School (gym floor) and Brookfield Central High School (athletics score board appeal, booster club support, girls basketball program, boys basketball program, and football program). They also previously donated approximately $15,000.00 as a sponsor for fundraising events that support the District's fine arts facility partner, the Sharon Lynne Wilson Center for the Arts. In summary, Pasternak & Zirgibel, S.C. has provided more than $70,000.00 in support of Elmbrook since the firm moved to Brookfield in 2007.
Elmbrook Stir Crazy
Asian Grill
Stir Crazy began supporting Elmbrook Schools when they opened their doors in Brookfield. Their grand opening event served as a fundraiser that yielded a $1,500 contribution to the Elmbrook Education Foundation, which support educational grants district wide. They continue to support the Foundation with in-kind donations to event raffles and silent auctions. The restaurant also supports culture and climate goals at both the district’s middle schools by offering incentives to students for doing the right things, being good citizens, and doing their best work. One student is selected each month to be a Stir Crazy Student of the Month and is awarded a $100 gift card to Stir Crazy and a $100 American Express gift card. There is great excitement each month winners are surprised the Stir Crazy manager, Doban, and school principals. Since the launch of this program, overall behavioral infraction rates have decreased by 40%. Stir Crazy also provides incentives for Students of the Month at Swanson Elementary School.
Elmbrook Target Target’s Take Charge of Education program provides generous financial contributions to the School District of Elmbrook. The district receives approximately $10,000 annually on behalf of 380 Red Card holders who have designated an Elmbrook school to receive 1% of total purchases on their Red Card. This program allows parents, grandparents, alumni and community members to support local education just by shopping at Target. The store also recently provided a $500 grant to Swanson Elementary School to fund new books for its library.
Elmbrook WaterStone Bank WaterStone Bank has been a partner of the Elmbrook Education Foundation for the past 7 years. Since that time, they have donated a total of $34,000 to fund continuing education scholarships for Elmbrook graduates. Representatives from WaterStone personally present their scholarship awards each year. They annually serve as a community sponsor for the Foundation's Fundraising Events. WaterStone representatives attend Foundation events to further support the Elmbrook community. They also hosted the EEF's 50th Anniversary Celebration ribbon cutting on behalf of the Brookfield Chamber of Commerce. In addition, they have provided $31,500 in financial support to Elmbrook's fine arts facility partner, the Sharon Lynne Wilson Center for the Arts.

Wheaton Franciscan Healthcare

Wheaton Franciscan Healthcare has been the Athletic Trainer service provider for the School District of Elmbrook for 10+ years. For a very minimum cost the district is provided a full time trainer at each high school year round to cover the training room from 11:00 AM through at least 5:30 PM daily during the school year and for all athletic home events. This community partnership has allowed us to have athletic trainer coverage that is the envy of our conference and southeast Wisconsin. The benefit for our student-athletes and programs is invaluable. Wheaton Franciscan has also taken on the lead role in the development and mentoring of those involved in our student athletic training program, as well as sponsoring with cash donations, and/or services provided free of extra charges for many of our special events, i.e. East track meet sponsor, trainer coverage for Jr. Lancer/Spartan events, Golf outing hole sponsors, relay for life coverage, offering ImPact concussion testing for all student athletes free of charge, and free physicals for our athletes.
Fort Atkinson Abendroth Water Conditioning Inc. "We will actively promote and participate in our community and those communities we serve." The quote above is from the mission statement of this very fine local company that has been in existence since 1953 serving the needs of many clients in the Fort Atkinson and the midwest region. Vince and Linda Kent, have been active citizens in our community supporting our schools and city. Vince the president of Abendroth Water Conditioning, has supported both district and youth athletic programs through sponsorship and generous donations from the company. Vince was also an influential member of a Citizens Taskforce that helped pass a much needed operations referendum for the district. Abendroth Water Conditioning Inc, is always viewed as a local business that supports its schools and the community. In short Vince and Linda are on every community leader's "short list" when it comes to asking a company and its leaders to step up to the plate in advancing initiatives that advance the community. Abendroth Water Conditioning Inc, is a company that truly gives back to its community. The School District of Fort Atkinson has been the beneficiary many times over!
Fort Atkinson Daily Jefferson County Union Christine Spangler is the managing editor of the Daily Jefferson County Union that publishes a wonderful daily newspaper covering Fort Atkinson and all Jefferson County communities. Chris has always been most receptive in helping us in our messaging to citizens and covering our many events. Randall Dullum, News Editor covers our school board meetings each month. He also finds space for press releases and columns Superintendent James Fitzpatrick posts regularly. Ryan Whisner, regional editor and reporter covers many special school events and has supplied us with short video reports to post on our web-sites. Jeff Seisser, Sports Editor, and Josh Smith cover our sports teams--it is amazing how many photos and stories they cover each week. The Daily Jefferson Union has no peer when it comes to covering education. The School District of Fort Atkinson is most fortunate to have this wonderful parnter!
Fort Atkinson Fort HealthCare Fort Health Care in its mission to make Fort Atkinson and Jefferson County the healthiest community in Wisconsin has generously supported the school district in being active supporters and members of our health and nutrition committees guiding us in revising district policy in helping us provide more nutritious meals and helping students and adults in our school and community make "healthier choices" per their eating and exercise habits. A hospital nutritionist is a vital member of our district wellness committee. We also contract with Fort Health Care for our school nursing services. This has been a wonderful relationship over the years. Fort Health Care has also been a great supporter of our youth and athletic programs, where they service us with athletic trainers and have contributed to the improvement of our facilities most notably in our two district swimming pools. Fort Health Care while a great partner of our School District, is moreover a leader in our community as the driving force toward healthier living for all of our citizens.
Fort Atkinson Golden State Foods Foundation This Company with its foundation has generously provided hundreds of winter coats each of the past several years to children in our elementary schools who come from impoverished homes. The coats are of wonderful quality and the families are so thankful to receive them. The School District of Fort Atkinson is deeply grateful to the employees of this fine company and the foundation they have established to support this most worthy cause.
Fort Atkinson NASCO
NASCO International Inc. has long been a partner and friend to the School District of Fort Atkinson. Each year it underwrites a new teacher Breakfast sponsored by our Fort Atkinson Chamber of Commerce just prior to the start of the school year! At this breakfast new teachers leave with two shopping bags full of gifts from NASCO and other business and chamber members. On July 20, 2012 they hosted a TEACHER CELEBRATION DAY where 150 area teachers were in attendance. NASCO makes a great effort to supply our schools with materials for art, literacy, science, family and consumer education, and health education. In our last referendum the CEO of NASCO, Mr. Dean Johnson, played a key role as a member of a Citizen's Taskforce in helping the district successfully pass and operations referendum that allowed the district to spend $694,000 above the revenue limit to maintain programs and services. This is indicative of this company's commitment to finer education in our community during difficult fiscal times.
Fort Atkinson WFAW Radio Mike Clish Program Director at WKCE Radio has often invited us to be guests on his popular Morning Magazine program that many in the Jefferson County area tune into each week. Shane Sparks, Sports Director has covered Fort Atkinson Athletics for many years broadcasting many athletic contests. He has also served as EMCEE of our Athletic Hall of Fame inductions adding great decorum and class to the ceremony.
Goodman-Armstrong 8-Hi Club The 8-Hi Club, and owner Kevin Rocque, is instrumental in contributing to the successes of our district and in providing opportunities for our students. He offers in numerous ways as follows: offering an annual scholarship, hosting an annual PTO fundraiser that generates several thousand dollars that directly go to student opportunities that otherwise would not be provided; offering in helping with various fundraisers, specifically in ordering and contributing numerous food items, sometimes asking little to nothing in return to cover his costs; offering his help in serving as emcee of Homecoming festivities and other school related event; hosting dinner parties for classes and school organizations. The 8-Hi Club, Kevin Rocque and his staff are a wonderful partner in education and are very deserving of this recognition.
Hayward Community Apple Awards Inc. Apple Awards have made awards and signs for our school at a fair price with local service and ease. Apple Awards is very supportive of all fundraising efforts at our school district.
Hayward Community Hayward Chamber
of Commerce
With a link on the chamber website to our school, the chamber helps with highlighting our school community for potential families moving to the area. Also, the chamber promotes school events through the website, printed material and email updates. Hayward is a great place to live and the school is a part of that greatness.
Hayward Community Lynn's Custom
Meats & Catering
Lynn has been a staple in providing food and a positive school spirit at our school events. She often gives discounts and fundraising opportunities to the school and the organizations/clubs within the school. She is a small business with a big heart.
Hayward Community Marketplace Foods The front of this shopping center reads "Proud to be a Cane" which is our school theme/motto in a 2'x 10' (or so) banner. Jon is at every school event possible and is often involved in organizing the event, volunteering, or donating items from the shopping center.
Hayward Community Tremblay's
Sweet Shop
Tremblay’s Sweet Shop helps our school by employee several high school students, donating when asked, and displaying posters and banners for school/community events.
Hillsboro Farmers State Bank The Farmers State Bank of Hillsboro has been a key supporter of the Hillsboro Schools. For the past 45 years they have hosted our annual Senior Awards Banquet. They have given annual donations to support various student activities including the annual 1st Grade Field Trip and the Junior Cheer Clinic. Additionally they have financially supported the school with the purchase of classroom materials for our Real Life Economics course, the purchase of new scoreboards for our high school gymnasium, and the our Badger Boy's and Girl's State representatives. The support of the Farmers State Bank has helped make many opportunities available to our students that may not have happened with the tightening budgets we have faced. Having this support allows us to continue to provide experiences that greatly benefit many of our students. This business is a very community-minded institution that is worthy of the WASB Honor Roll recognition.
La Crosse Gundersen
Gundersen Lutheran has partnered with the school district in the following ways: Elementary Schools’ Behavioral Health Pilot programs display student artwork (treatment rooms); Volunteer as mentors, presenters, role models; Global Partners for Santa Celia, Nicaragua project (provide desks/textbooks); 4-year old preschool (child care center site); School nutrition program at Hamilton Middle Schools; Medical Partnership with Lincoln 7th graders; Sponsor of Science/Math Expo High Schools; Health Science Academy: valuable job shadows, career speakers, demonstrations (simulation labs, anesthesia procedures), provide laptops, access to medical research library and gladiator (HIPAA/confidentiality) training, provide scholarships ($8,000) for academy graduates; FBLA (workshop speakers, judges for competitions); Children’s Miracle Network (speakers to gain awareness of CMN, provided tours); Project Respect (activities, assemblies & teacher in-services on respect).
La Crosse Piggy’s Restaurant Emerson Elementary School nominated Piggy’s Restaurant for school board recognition. Chef Chris Rodriquez has provided kitchen safety classes, and has taught hundreds of Emerson 4th and 5th graders cooking classes that focus on healthy food choices and fun ways to cook nutritional after-school snacks. Each year Chef Chris teaches four cooking classes to our 4th graders, culminating with a fifth session to be held at Piggy’s Restaurant, where children will experience fine dining and delicious food. Chef Rodriquez has also partnered with the district at various wellness events over the years, providing educational cooking presentations to families.
La Crosse U.S. Geological Survey Longfellow Middle School on the River nominated the U.S. Geological Survey for school board recognition. Scientists at the USGS have helped School on the River students with research strategies, opportunities, and mentorship. They offer equipment, tours, and space to do research with students. This has been a long standing relationship that has touched hundreds of students to the point that careers have been chosen from the experiences offered by the USGS staff. The USGS was also an active partner in the design of Summit Environmental School.
Melrose-Mindoro Lunda Construction The Lunda Charitable trust annually gives our school 10 one thousand dollar scholarships for students attending vocational college. In addition, several other four year scholarships are available for all students to apply for in Jackson County. We also have received $25,000 for our student investment club to invest in the stock market. Profits are then distributed to the school by the students for school improvement projects. All schools in Jackson County receive these investment funds. Annually, funds are given to schools for all kinds of requests. The Lunda family is a very generous business.
Cross Plains Area
J.H. Findorff & Son Findorff has worked on more than a dozen projects in the school district over the past 20 years. This summer they constructed our expanded STEM area at the high school. They are also the construction firm for our upcoming referendum. They also gave a sizable donation to our recently formed Education Foundation.
Cross Plains Area
M&I Bank-BMO The bank contributes on a yearly basis to the Kromrey Middle School Chamber Bucks competition. The bank also provides numerous readers to come and talk to the students as part of our Business Readers program. During their time they share with the students how literacy plays a role in their life and place of business. There are many more words than numbers at a bank believe it or not.  These relationships have benefited our school academically and financially through competition donations. 
Cross Plains Area
Community Bank
The bank contributes on a yearly basis to the Kromrey Middle School Chamber Bucks competition. The bank also provides numerous readers to come and talk to the students as part of our Business Readers program. During their time they share with the students how literacy plays a role in their life and place of business. There are many more words than numbers at a bank believe it or not. These relationships have benefited our school academically and financially through competition donations.
Cross Plains Area
Standard Imaging Standard Imaging has provided a $500 scholarship to a graduating MHS senior for a number of years. In 2012, the company also donated an Exradin A19 Ion Chamber to St. Jude’s Children’s Research Hospital in Memphis, Tenn., after being contacted by a freshman advisory class as part of a service learning project.
Cross Plains Area
State Bank of
Cross Plains
The bank participates in the reading literacy as a volunteer reader in the elementary schools. The bank provides guest speakers for the awareness of choices and careers in the middle schools during mock interviews. High school level students come to the bank to learn about checking accounts. Finally, the bank has been offering scholarships to deserving MHS seniors for more than a decade. 
New Lisbon The Grocery Depot The Grocery Depot was a new store opening up in our community this year. They wished to help support the school district in a time when many districts were having financial difficulties. They set up an agreement with the school district that the store would contribute a portion of their receipts to the district each month. Their donations have helped the district purchase items and support students in ways that we would not have been able to do without these funds. The district is happy to have this partnership that makes the school and community stronger. We appreciated The Grocery Depot's generous support of education.
Oshkosh Area Miles Kimball Miles Kimball has made education a priority in their business. They have not only created an evaluation process that focuses on school-community relations, this past year they also supported a Community Based Learning experience for our fifth graders. They dedicated dozens of hours and eight high level personnel to bring the curriculum alive for students through the service their company provides for our local community and the country. From planning with the teachers, through inception of a product, until sales and distribution, Miles Kimball executives worked with fifth graders to help them understand how the content they are learning in schools relates to the real-world business community. They gave academic curriculum life and relevance, and enhanced the learning experience while building their local community.
Prairie du Chien Area 3M Company 3M Contributions to PdC Public Schools Approx. Date Benefit to PdC District Comments 2007 $600 in 3M products Discounted far below market “NAEIR Program Donation of Floor Matting Donation of 3M Matting to surface the Athletic Weight Room 2008-09 $15,000 To establish PLTW Hire for 8 weeks. A PdC teacher as Internship with 3M Engineering 3M TWIST program’s Engineering mentoring of PLTW instructor in real life engineering. 2009-10 $15, 275 To establish PLTW Biomedical Send PdC Grade Teacher to Colorado Fund Grade Science Teacher at Keystone Academy for two weeks Hire for 8 weeks PdC teacher as Internship with 3M Engineering 3M TWIST program’s Engineering mentoring of PLTW instructor in real life engineering. 2010-11 $17,200 To further PLTW Biomedical Send PdC Grade Teacher to Colorado Fund Grade Science Teacher at Keystone Academy for two weeks $15,000 3D Printer for PLTW 2011-12 $23,000 3M mini projectors 100 mini projectors, grant for Grade teachers Engineering in Elementary Program Annual Donations $500 Blackhawk Fund (Athletic Booster Fund) Math Counts 3M Program for all area schools for Math Competition Classroom / office supplies 3M Wizards Program 3M provided Wizards (ie. Super cooling).
Port Washington-Saukville Dockside Deli A partner business on our Project Lead The Way and STEM Board. Don is an active participant. Sponsors school activities such the Robotics Program at the High School, the "Rokenblok" Engineering Program at the Elementary Schools, the Cardboard Boat Regatta in the Lake Michigan Harbor, donates space for the Art Gallery 224 program for our students and community to display their art in downtown Port Washington, and provides space and delicious soup at an annual event with the High School ceramics bowl making class. On top of all this, Don is a humble, positive, and optimistic person, and it shows in his businesses and in the community.
Port Washington-Saukville Port Washington State Bank Steve Schowalter and the Port Washington State Bank have always been involved with the School District through several generations of Schowalters. Their contributions and support over the years are too numerous to list. More recently, the Bank has provided us with high quality, efficient, low cost banking services. Their professionals have also assisted our business office investment advice, and they are very active paticipants on the education foundation board. Last year, James Schowalter helped one our elementary schools purchase Three I-pods for every classroom, a variety of electronic fiction and nonfiction books, and MP3 players. The Bank gives student scholarships each year, support our Character Counts activities, and is an outspoken advocate for educating children. The bank and their staff are very valuable assets to the entire community and our school district.
Rio Community Mark’s Market Mark is always the first to donate time and food to any school event. He makes sure every function has quality staff to help serve food at a function. Mark attends many games to cheer and support the athletes and also is front and center with supporting all FFA, Forensic, other clubs and academics. Furthermore, he has employed many students and graduates at his grocery store and catering business. He serves as a role model and mentor to his employees and students in the community. He is exceptionally deserving of recognition from Rio Schools and WASB
Rubicon J6 Edward Jones Edward Jones made a monetary donation towards a rock climbing wall for our physical education classes
Rubicon J6 Quad Graphics Quad Graphics made a monetary donation for Saylebration - an end of school year event to celebrate our students’ achievements
Rubicon J6 Lorrigan's Quality Home Exteriors Lorrigan's Quality Home Exteriors was a monetary sponsor so a local radio station could broadcast our grandparents day concert live on the radio. Grandparents who were unable to attend in person could listen on the radio.
Rubicon J6 Grande Cheese Company Grande Cheese made a monetary donation towards a rock climbing wall for our physical education classes. Grande also donated a variety of cheeses for Saylebration as well as a copy machine they no longer needed.
Rubicon J6 Catholic Financial Life/Joe O'Leske Joe made a monetary donation on behalf of Catholic Financial Life towards a rock climbing wall for our physical education classes.
Sevastopol Door County
MINISTRY Medical Center
As all of our Door County Schools look forward to expanding our current partnership with Door County Ministry Medical Center in the coming school year, we want to recognize this organization for the many contributions that our schools already enjoy through this partnership. For example, our students and families are the recipient of low or no cost services including the following: occupational and physical therapy services, student work experience, human growth and development training, donations of instructional resources, athletic training services, educational presentations to students and families, job shadowing opportunities, and initiatives to promote healthy lifestyles. We are currently exploring other opportunities to work together in such areas as nutrition guidance, health fairs, and anti-bullying programs. These kinds of community partnerships are essential for our schools in today's challenging times.

Sheboygan Falls

Manufacturing Company
Bemis Manufacturing Company is committed to recycling as part of their business. The Bemis Co. recycling team was instrumental in guiding and supporting our High School in our new recycling efforts. Bemis Co. not only partnered with us by shipping and receiving our recycled paper, cardboard, etc., but they also donated recycling containers and man power to the school district. The High School earned $1300 for their recycled products. It cut our waste in half and reduced our waste management cost significantly. This was a great learning experience for our entire student body, especially the student council members that helped in the implementation process and our at-risk and special needs students that gained work experience by collecting, sorting and cashing in the recyclables. We look forward to working with Bemis Manufacturing again on this project in the future. Additionally, the Bemis Co. has supported our Farm to School Lunch initiative by helping our Agriculture and Family and Consumer Education Departments prepare and maintain a school garden that also supports several community garden raised beds. Bemis has been donating their time and resources for preparing the soil on the one acre area, mulching, and providing an ongoing water source. As a result of this support the garden's production will be shared with our schools' Food Service department to be placed on the District's food service lines for students in the fall. Lastly, Bemis has partnered with us to provide going job shadowing experiences for our students. Bemis also partnered with us to bring other manufactures into our school for a panel discussion about job and job skills with our High School teaching staff. As part of that panel discussion our High School teachers were given a tour of the Bemis Manufacturing Company. The Bemis Manufacturing Company has been a great partner and very supportive of our school district. We greatly appreciate their efforts in supporting our students.
Shell Lake BOSCH Packaging

Bosch Packaging has donated funds towards an electronic sign which is located along the highway at the entrance to our school site. This sign is beneficial in notifying the public of various events and information in regards to the Shell Lake School District.

Bosch also recently donated $10,000 toward two environmentally friendly projects at the school. They donated $5,000 toward school forest trail improvement and marking, and donated $5,000 toward a sustainable garden project where students will learn about gardening, composting, and the food will be used in the food service. We very much appreciate their generosity.

Shell Lake Dahlstroms
Lakeside Market
Dahlstroms Lakeside Market has been an important part of the Shell Lake community for several years and has always been a generous contributor and supporter of the Shell Lake School District. Recently, Dahlstroms Lakeside Market generously contributed towards an electronic sign which is being displayed at the entrance of our school site. This sign has been very beneficial in notifying the community of various events and information in regards to the Shell Lake School District.
Shell Lake Shell Lake
State Bank
The Shell Lake School District appreciates the generosity of the Shell Lake State Bank in helping fund an electronic sign which is being utilized at the entrance of our school site. The sign has been very beneficial in notifying the community of various events and information regarding the Shell Lake School District.
Shell Lake Shell Lake Chiropractic Clinic The Shell Lake School District appreciates the generosity of the Shell Chiropractic Clinic in helping fund an electronic sign for our school. This sign is being utilized at the entrance of our school site and has been very beneficial in notifying the community of various events and information regarding the Shell Lake School District.
Shell Lake Shell Lake Woodcrafters The Shell Lake School District appreciates the generosity of the Shell Lake Woodcrafters in helping fund an electronic sign for our school. This sign is being utilized at the entrance of our school site and has been very beneficial in notifying the community of various events and information regarding the Shell Lake School District.
South Milwaukee Lakeshore Medical Clinic For the seventh year in a row, Lakeshore Medical Clinic has partnered with the School District of South Milwaukee to offer a six week Health Sciences Internship. Each year, after a very involved selection process, a student between their junior and senior year is selected by a team from Lakeshore Medical Clinic to participate in the program. The summer interns get to experience first-hand a large range of the medical professions, including Medical Records, Switchboard, PFT, CT, X-Ray, MRI, Radiology, Phlebotomy, Physical Therapy, and Medical Assistant. All of the summer participants have gone on to college in medical related fields, at least one is currently in medical school, and some have taken summer positions with Lakeshore Medical Clinic. From the experiences the organization has given our students, the scholarships they have awarded ($1,000 to each participant), and the encouragement and support they have provided, they have had a profound impact on the development of future medical providers and leaders. We are extremely grateful for their support of our district and especially our students.
Stevens Point Delta Dental  
Stevens Point Muzzy Broadcasting  
Stevens Point Noel Group  
Stevens Point Sentry Insurance Foundation  
Stevens Point Worzalla Publishing  
Unity St. Croix Regional Medical Center We entered into a community partnership with SCRMC in 2010. They offer: athletic training services; physician consultation and training for health services and coaching staff; commitment to local community with construction and expansion of the Unity Clinic; Certified Nursing Assistant program guidance; supply purchasing; and physicals for athletes are given at reduced costs.
Waterford Graded Runzheimer International Runzheimer has been a true partner in its community's education. Financial support has been offered in areas of teacher training, fine arts, student field trips and intervention programming. All of these activities are for the betterment of staff and students. While the total dollar amount for the activities listed above exceeds $50,000 in most recent years in our district alone, the contribution is invaluable because of the long term impact it has on our schools.
Wautoma Area Curve Inn CafÉ The Curve Inn Cafe is constantly sponsoring/supporting activities for Redgranite School. The Chamberlins are very community minded. Most recently they sponsored a number of baskets at the Redgranite PTO basket raffle. Frequently they have catered meals for school activities at no cost to the school as well as "Chili Suppers" as fund raisers for after-school programs. Curve Inn Cafe is one of our biggest community supporters, just plain good people!
Wautoma Area Moose INN Ed Klinger has been a phenomenal partner in our ProStart program leading to our teacher being the Wisconsin Restaurant Association's teacher of the year.
Wautoma Area The Silvercryst The Silvercryst has been supportive from providing food for fundraisers, supporting our booster clubs to employing our students. They never say no to us when we ask.
Wautoma Area Waushara Argus The Waushara Argus has been instrumental in publishing the "good news" about the Wautoma Area School District. Every week there are pictures and articles talking about all the positive things happening. We all know controversy sells papers, yet the Argus always takes the high road.

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