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Convention: January 17-19, 2018 • Exhibit Show: January 17 & 18, 2018
Wisconsin Center • Milwaukee, Wisconsin

2018 Exhibit Space Contract

.pdf version

This Exhibit Space Contract is entered into between (company name exactly as you want it to appear in print) _______________________________ __________________________ _____________________________________ and the Wisconsin Association of School Boards, Inc. (WASB). This contract takes effect upon acceptance by the Exhibitor and the notice of allocation of exhibit space by WASB. The Exhibitor hereby requests WASB to provide Exhibitor with exhibit space at the annual State Education Convention & Exhibit Show with the understanding that the Exhibitor may set up January 16, 2018, and must participate in the show January 17 and 18, 2018, during the times the exhibit floor is open. Exhibitor agrees to pay to WASB the full booth rent 21 days of contract date. In all cases full payment is required prior to January 16, 2018. Exhibitor agrees to abide by the regulations printed within this contract. The signature affixed below indicates acceptance of these conditions.


Returning Exhibitors from January 2017 Show:

Check here to reclaim your 2017 booth location (Contract and payment must be received by April 14, 2017.)
All booths not reclaimed by April 14, 2017, will be released for general sale beginning April 15, 2017.

New Exhibitors:  Prior to April 14, leave booth choice blank below. You will be contacted after April 14, 2016, to make your selection from all available booths.  On or after April 15, 2017, view the online floorplan and select from available booth locations at wasb.org/convention.  In order of preference, list up to three booth location choices below. The Web-based floorplan allows you to see what booths are available and where other exhibitors have been placed. Exhibitor is solely responsible for site selection as regards proximity to competing or complimentary goods or services.

1st Choice __________________ 2nd Choice __________________ 3rd Choice _______________________


Exhibitor will provide text for the official Conference Guide and for the web/print profile electronically. Instructions will be sent with booth confirmation.  Your booth rent includes a basic web/print profile and product description.  An upgraded web/print profile and Conference Guide presence are available for an additional $75. The enhanced profile, including highlighting your team on the convention mobile app is $125. Full details, descriptions of each option and a visual demo are posted on the convention website: www.wasb.org/convention. Payment must be added in the field below.

(All correspondence regarding the booth will be sent here.)

Email Address:
Company Website:
Company Description
Mailing Address (required)
City/State/Zip Code
Telephone (required):
Fax (required):

Secondary Contact
Email Addresses:
(up to two additional)


Business Card (Web/Print Profile-REQUIRED-Max 30 words; Upgraded Web/Print Profile-Max 50 words-$75additional fee for upgrade; Enhanced Web/Print Profile-Max 50 words-$125additional fee for upgrade):


This contract is accepted and submitted on behalf of the Exhibitor by:

Signature: (required) _______________________________________________________________

Date: ____________________________

Booth Rent (see below) $ _____________

Upgraded Web/Print Profile ($75 or enhanced $125) $ ____________ Total $ ___________________

Booth Rates Special* Early Bird** Regular
  (Until 4/3/17) (Until 8/4/17) (After 8/4/17)
Front Row 10’ x 10’ Corner Booth,
10’ x 10’ Corner Booth
10’ x 10’ Interior Booth
20’ x 10’ Corner + Interior
20’ x 10’ End Cap Booth
20’ x 10’ Interior Booth
10’ x 20’ Island or Peninsula  $2,230  $2,310  $2,365
20’ x 20’ Island or Peninsula
20’ x 30’ Island
20’ x 40’ Island
School Bus Space

*SPECIAL RATE for limited time only. Applies only if paid in full on or by
April 3, 2017.

**EARLY BIRD RATE applies only if paid in full on or by August 5, 2017.

REGULAR RATE applies for contracts and payment received after
August 4, 2017.

Contact information will be provided for registered attendees who do not opt-out.

Keep a copy for your files. Submit a completed copy to:
Exhibit Show Manager
WI Association of School Boards
122 West Washington Avenue
Madison WI 53703
Fax: 608 257 8386 Email: aqualmann@wasb.org
WASB Office
Use Only



Date Received



Booth #
Payment Received: Balance Due:
User ID


Date Confirmed:


Sent to Accounting


Check # (enclosed) ___________________________ Credit card: ______AMEX ______MasterCard ______VISA

Account #: _______________________________________ Exp. Date (mm/yy) ___________   CVV# __________


1. INSTALLATION, EXHIBITION AND TEARDOWN - The Exhibit Hall will be open for set-up Tuesday, January 16, 2018, from 8:00am until 5:00pm and Wednesday, January 17, 2018, from 7:00am until the show opens.  All exhibits must be ready to show and fully staffed during the hours the floor is officially open on Wednesday, January 17, 2018 and Thursday, January 18, 2018.

  • Booths must be staffed by Exhibitor at all times during show hours.
  • No display shall be dismantled or removed from the Exhibit Hall until the end of the Exhibit Show on January 18.  
  • Move-out will take place from end of show until 7:00pm on January 18. All displays must be removed by 7:00pm
  • Staff members of the convention center and the show decorator are NOT authorized to grant permission for late teardown.
  • Any exhibit remaining on the floor after 7:00pm on January 18 may be dismantled and moved to accommodate another show or for any other reason. The Exhibitor agrees to pay any charges incurred for the removal of displays and to release the WASB from any liability for loss by theft, damage or other cause in moving property of the Exhibitor after 7:00pm on January 18.

2. PAYMENT FOR BOOTH - All booth rent must be paid in full within 21 days of contract.  In all cases full payment is required prior to January 16, 2018. Show management reserves the right to resell any partially paid or unpaid booths after November 1, 2017.

SPECIAL SHOW RATE - will be granted only if the signed contract and full payment are received on or by April 3, 2017.
EARLY BIRD RATE - will be granted only if the signed contract and full payment are received on or by August 4, 2017.

3. REFUNDS -If written cancellation is received by show management on or before October 1, 2017, 100% of the rent paid will be refunded. If written cancellation is received by show management on or before November 1, 2017, 50% of the rent paid will be refunded. There will be no refunds for cancellations received after November 1, 2017. The WASB may cancel without refund any exhibit space for non-compliance with the terms, conditions and regulations of this contract or for nonpayment of rent. Further, the WASB reserves the right to not assign exhibit space to the Exhibitor and, thereby, terminate any obligation of the Exhibitor and the WASB under this contract, in which case, the WASB will so notify the Exhibitor and refund any payments made by the Exhibitor under this contract.

4. BOOTH ALLOCATION –2017 Exhibitors will have the option to reclaim their 2017 booth space until April 14, 2017. A completed contract and full payment is required by that date to confirm the space. On April 15, 2017, all unclaimed booth space will be released for general sale and allocated to exhibitors in the order in which contracts are received.

5. RELOCATION OF EXHIBITS -The WASB reserves the right to alter locations of Exhibitors or of booths as shown on the official floor plan at its sole discretion, if deemed advisable in the best interests of the show.

6. BOOTH SPECIFICATIONS - Rent includes the booth with 8-ft. draped backdrop and 3-ft. draped side rail dividers, a 44 in. x 9 in. sign, two chairs, aisle carpeting and aisle clean-up. Tables, counters, electrical service, carpet, freight, storage, etc. ARE NOT included in the booth rent. An Exhibitor Service Kit including order forms for services and equipment will be made available to by September 29, 2017 for exhibitors with a signed contract. The Exhibitor is required to make any arrangements for equipment and services and assume the cost of same. The convention sponsors assume no obligation for these arrangements.

7. DISPLAY CONSTRUCTION AND LIMITATIONS - Displays must conform to the attached Display Guidelines, which constitute a bona fide part of the contract for space.  Unfinished or unsightly ends of exhibits must be draped by the service contractor at the expense of the Exhibitor. Refer to the Display Guidelines for specific construction requirements.


  • No Exhibitor may assign, sublet or apportion his or her space in whole or in part, nor exhibit any products or services other than those manufactured or handled in the normal course of his business, nor permit any agent or any exhibiting firm to solicit business in his or her space.
  • Distribution of advertising materials is limited to the area of each exhibit space. Exhibits will be arranged so that nothing is attached to walls, and no tacking or marring is permitted.
  • Disturbing noises or other objectionable forms of attracting attention will not be permitted.
  • The show organizer reserves the right to restrict, prohibit or remove any exhibit or part of an exhibit which is objectionable or which may detract from the general character of the display, the exhibit show or the convention. This includes persons, things, conduct, printed matter or anything of a character which may not be in keeping with the exhibit show or convention as a whole. Exhibitor agrees not to interfere in any way with the ordinary use by others of any portion of the building or grounds. Exhibitor shall not obstruct the aisles adjacent to exhibit space. No booth structure or sign will be allowed which obscures adjoining exhibits or which projects more than four feet outward from the backdrop.

9. GUESTS - With the exception of registered conference attendees, their registered guests, conference staff and speakers, no person, firm or organization not having contracted for the occupancy of booth space will be permitted to attend the Exhibit Show, display or demonstrate its products/services, or distribute promotional materials in the exhibit hall or public areas of the center.

10. BADGES & REGISTRATION - Eight name badges are available per each 10’ x 10’ booth space purchased and will be furnished by the show management. Additional name badges may be purchased for $25 each.  Additional personnel are required to be employees or affiliates of the exhibiting company.

11. DRAWINGS & PRIZES -Any Exhibitor conducting a drawing or offering prizes is responsible for complying with state law regulating and prohibiting lotteries and gambling, and for complying with the Wisconsin Code of Ethics for Local Public Officials. The Code of Ethics for Local Public Officials prohibits school officials from accepting anything of value unless it is for the purpose of conveying the item to the official’s school district for the use or benefit of the school district.  Nothing in this contract permits the use of exhibit space to conduct any illegal lottery or other prohibited gambling. The Exhibitor agrees to indemnify and hold harmless the WASB, its officers, agents and employees from and against any and all charges, claims, demands, suits, proceedings, actions or prosecutions alleging violations of any law or liability for penalties, forfeitures, fines, losses, damages, expenses, costs and disbursements, including reasonable attorneys’ fees, for any other relief and for attorneys’ fees and expenses incurred by the WASB, sustained as the result of the Exhibitor’s conduct of any drawing or offering a prize.

12. FOOD PRODUCTS -Sample-size food or beverages may be prepared and given away on show floor by companies exhibiting food service products or equipment. Other companies may give away pre-wrapped sample-size food. A sample consists of one ounce or less (single bite size) of food; three ounces or less of non-alcoholic beverage. Non-food service companies who wish to offer non-wrapped items, or any exhibitor offering a larger portion, must directly contact the Catering Sales Manager at Levy Restaurants; 400 West Wisconsin Avenue; Milwaukee, WI 53203.  Telephone: 414-908-6154.  Distribution of peanuts is prohibited at the Exhibit Show.

13. NO DIRECT SELLING –Exhibitor agrees to limit sales activities at the show to an explanation of products or services and a discussion of prices. Exhibitor activity which directly results in consummated sale, order taking, or sales agreement on the exhibit floor or areas controlled by the show management is prohibited. This policy does not apply to an Exhibitor assigned a booth in the Exhibit Hall Marketplace. Cash and credit card sales are permitted for an approved Exhibitor in the Exhibit Hall Marketplace only.

14. MUSIC -No music may be played or performed, directly or indirectly, in the Exhibit Hall unless the Exhibitor first provides show management with a copy of a license agreement which specifically grants the Exhibitor a license to play or perform the music. Exhibitor agrees to protect, indemnify, save and hold harmless the WASB against and from any and all losses, costs (including attorneys’ fees), damage, liability, or expense arising from or out of or by reason of said Exhibitor playing or performing music or in any way violating U.S. copyright laws.

15. FREIGHT -Freight delivered to the loading dock with handling instructions will be taken to the Exhibitor’s booth by the freight handler, with costs charged to the Exhibitor. Official freight and storage designee for the convention will be the designated show decorator or general service contractor. The convention sponsors assume no obligation for these arrangements, and the Exhibitor must assume all costs.

16. CARE AND SURRENDER OF EXHIBIT SPACE -Exhibitor agrees it will not in any way injure, damage, mar or deface the building premises, furniture, fixtures or equipment on or about the Wisconsin Center and shall be liable for any such damage or injury caused by it, its employees, agents or other persons admitted to the premises by the Exhibitor, its agents or employees. Exhibitor agrees to quit and surrender the exhibit space at the time set forth herein, and to comply with the Wisconsin Center process for handling vehicular traffic in and out of the dock area.

17. FIRE SAFETY -Flammable booth decorations must be flame proofed. All hangings must clear the floor. Electrical wiring must conform with City of Milwaukee Safety Rules. No open flame candles or other open flame fixture, whether equipped with a guard or not, shall be used in any place of assembly. If inspection indicates that any Exhibitor has neglected to comply with these regulations or otherwise incurs fire hazards, the right is reserved to cancel all or such part of the exhibit as may be irregular. Motor vehicle Exhibitors must comply with City of Milwaukee regulations regarding the display of such vehicles.

18. NO BALLOONS - All balloons are prohibited for this show.

19. NO SMOKING -Milwaukee city ordinance does not allow smoking anywhere on the premises of the convention center.

20. LIABILITY -The Exhibitor agrees to indemnify and hold harmless the WASB, its officers, agents and employees from and against any and all claims, demands or suits alleging liability for losses, damages, expenses, costs and disbursements, including reasonable attorneys’ fees, and any other relief, for any actual or claimed injury or death to any person or damage to any property sustained as a result of the Exhibitor’s use of or presence on the premises described in this Exhibit Space Contract, regardless of whether proximately caused by the negligence of the WASB, its officers, agents or employees. If the convention is cancelled due to circumstances substantially beyond control of the WASB, then the WASB’s sole liability to Exhibitor due to cancellation shall be to refund the rent paid, or if cancellation occurs during the convention period, a prorata portion thereof.

21. OFFICIAL REGULATIONS - Exhibitor will comply with all laws of the U.S. and of the State of Wisconsin and all ordinances of the City of Milwaukee and all rules and requirements of the police and fire departments or any other municipal authorities of the City of Milwaukee, and will not permit anything to be done in its exhibit space in violation of any such law, ordinance, rule or regulation. Exhibitor will also conform to all rules and regulations adopted or prescribed by the Wisconsin Center District board of directors or included in the WASB’s agreement with the Wisconsin Center District.


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