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Pre-Convention Workshops
2– 5 pm, Hyatt Regency Milwaukee (Registration Required)
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Culturally Relevant Leadership:
Strategies for Success for ALL Students

Gloria Ladson Billings Photo

Although culturally relevant teaching has received a lot of attention over the last few decades, individual classroom teachers need the support of their administrators and policy makers. This workshop speaks to how administrators and board members can cooperate with the tenets of culturally relevant teaching to ensure academic, cultural, and social success for ALL students.

Dr. Gloria Ladson-Billings is the Kellner Family Distinguished Professor in Urban Education in the Department of Curriculum & Instruction at the
University of Wisconsin – Madison. Ladson-Billings is known for her
groundbreaking work in the fields of culturally relevant pedagogy and
critical race theory. She is author of “The Dreamkeepers: Successful
Teachers of African-American Children.”

Dr. Gloria Ladson Billings, Kellner Family Distinguished Professor in Urban Education, Department of Curriculum & Instruction, UW-Madison
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Improving School Board Effectiveness:
A Balanced Governance

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School boards are under increasing scrutiny by a public that demands high levels of board continuity and effectiveness. At the same time, newspaper accounts of “boards behaving badly” has raised questions over whether locally elected school board members are qualified to fulfill their role. Thomas Alsbury has been deemed by many as a top expert
in school governance and is author of “Improving School Board Effectiveness: A Balanced Governance,” a new and highly effective model for school boards; fast becoming the new standard for district governance. Learn from Dr. Alsbury about how to apply the latest board research so that you can be more effective both individually and as a whole board, avoid the typical political challenges faced by most board members, and better support students.

Dr. Thomas Alsbury is Professor of Educational Leadership at Seattle
Pacific University, and former teacher, principal, and district administrator. He currently co-directs the National University Council for
Educational Administration (UCEA) Center for Research on the
Superintendency and District Governance.

Dr. Thomas Alsbury, Professor of Educational Leadership, Seattle Pacific University
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School Finance Puzzle
School Finance Puzzle Photo
Presenters and attendees will use a hands-on, interactive approach to take the confusion out of school finance. Gain a conceptual understanding of the major components of the Wisconsin school finance system. Participants will have an interactive discussion that provides background on constitutional issues, court cases and today’s laws. Attendees will become acquainted with the basics of revenue limits, equalization aid, property taxes and referendums – how these components interrelate and how they impact board decision-making. Leave the session with increased confidence in discussing school finance concepts and using this knowledge to help foster an environment of trust in your community for the
benefit of students.
DPI School Finance Team and Practicing School Business Officials
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Pediatric Brain Development: From Conception to Maturity Fidlin Photo
The mental health of our students is becoming a growing area of concern for school leaders and policy makers. Dr. Brian Fidlin, a Milwaukee-based clinical psychologist and nationally recognized speaker on pediatric brain development, substance abuse/dependency and obesity, has a unique way of helping parents and educators gain a better understanding of children, adolescents, and the issues they face. This workshop will be a straight-forward discussion of adolescent brain development and the impact it has on decision making, emotions and risk taking. Special emphasis will be placed on current trends in adolescent mental health issues and the topic of substance abuse. The discussion will identify warning signs that a child may be having problems and is in need of professional help.

Dr. Brian Fidlin is a clinical psychologist at Milwaukee Psychiatrists & Psychologists Chartered and previously was the director of an adolescent chemical dependency program.
Dr. Brian Fidlin, clinical psychologist at Milwaukee Psychiatrists & Psychologists Chartered
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