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Sustainable Schools Pavilion
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Interested in learning more about how to make your schools Green & Healthy schools? Visit the Sustainable Schools Pavilion in the Exhibit Hall. School and industry representatives will be on hand with information and innovative ideas regarding a wide variety of efforts related to making our schools more sustainable, including:

• Recycling and waste reduction,
• Indoor environmental health,
Sustainable transportation,
Student and staff health and wellness,
Water conservation, and
Environmental education.

The Sustainable Schools Pavilion will feature hands-on demonstrations, knowledgeable experts, informative presentations and take-home resources.

During the Dedicated Exhibit Hall hours, stop by for a short presentation exclusive to the Sustainable Schools Pavilion.

Wednesday, Jan. 18, 9:15-9:45 am:
Creating a Culture of Energy Efficiency
(Focus on Energy)

According to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, as much as 30 percent of a school district's total energy may be used inefficiently. When students and staff know about energy efficiency, they can become responsible energy consumers who lead others on making no-cost behavior changes in their school. Implementing small, every day changes like turning off lights when classrooms and offices are unoccupied and enabling computers' "sleep" mode when not in use can add up to significant savings over time. This presentation will focus on smart energy choices school districts can model to help build an energy-conscious culture and reduce energy expenditures for years to come. Attendees will hear some real life examples of schools utilizing behavioral initiatives such as Focus on Energy's "Delivering Energy Efficiency Together" (DEET) Program, which educates students and staff on energy efficient behavioral changes they can make to reduce their school's energy consumption.
Presenter: Melissa Rickert, CESA 10

Wednesday, Jan. 18, 2:45-3:15 pm:
Top Components of Wellness Programs (WEA Trust)

Investing in a wellness program is beneficial for both teachers and staff which, in turn, helps the entire school and the children who attend. By evaluating the success of a wellness program through health outcomes, increased productivity, or reduced employee absences, we will demonstrate the top components of a wellness program that make all of these points achievable through employee engagement and participation.
Presenters: Mark Henschel and Michael Schwitzer, WEA Trust

Thursday, Jan. 19, 10-10:30 aM:
Sustaining a Healthy and Productive Workforce (The Standard)

Teachers and staff experiencing medical issues at work often struggle with maintaining their productivity and may even require a disability-related leave. This productivity loss can be devastating to both the employee and the students they serve. However, understanding how you can better support your teachers and staff by proactively managing absence and disability in the workplace can help mitigate disruptions in their schools.

Join us to learn how an effective absence and disability management program can help your employees better manage their health and remain productive on the job. We’ll discuss the components of an effective program and share real-life success stories to help demonstrate how a little innovation can help you sustain a healthy and productive school. Brian Kost, The Standard

Drop off your Sustainable Schools Pavilion card from the WASB Regional Meetings for a chance to win a complimentary 2018 State Education Convention registration.

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