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School Fair in the Exhibit Hall
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Interactive Exhibits Share the Innovation

Located in the Exhibit Hall, the School Fair features interactive exhibits demonstrated by school leaders, teachers and students from around the state. The School Fair gives school districts an opportunity to share innovative programs, ideas and classes, and bring them to life in the Exhibit Hall. Make sure to stop by and see these great examples of learning in action.

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K-12 STEM Program

Students will present learning and knowledge through the use of hands-on projects, demonstrations, and a showcase of their work in engineering, biomedical, and computer science. At least one student from each grade level will be on hand to showcase the district’s STEM program. Elkhorn Area School District

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Kenosha School of Technology Enhanced Curriculum (KTEC)

KTEC provides PreK to eighth-grade students with real-world, hands-on STEM focused experiences. In the nine years since the school has opened, it has built valuable partnerships with local and national businesses, as well as become a Professional Development school for a local college. Learn how to reach out and build these mutually beneficial partnerships in your own district. KTEC’s partnerships have resulted in a CODE club taught by engineers. Students have also participated in a summer program where they developed a real company and produced a product they marketed and sold. Learn about the benefit of collaborating with higher-education institutes to help ensure new teachers are qualified to teach STEM with confidence and skill. Kenosha Unified School District

Introduction to Engineering & Problem Solving

Gather educational/curriculum resource packets from students enrolled in the newly formed Introduction to Engineering & Problem Solving class. Students will discuss how the class partners with the school district to help solve problems. Learn how curriculum is blended between “book” learning and real-world problem solving. Talk with students about the district’s engineering curriculum, and how student brainstorming decides the research/action projects with the goal of creating change that affects the school and community. The students learn that STEM is applying critical-thinking skills to solve problems or dilemmas and to create ideas that not only improve our local community or our immediate condition, but the world’s condition as well. Juda School District

Musical Theater

The Chilton Public School District has a student population around 1,100 students. Of those 1,100 students, on average, 400 second through 12th-grade students participate in one of three musicals each school year. Beginning in second grade, students begin working on their stage presence, acting skills, singing, and choreography, but more importantly collaboration, confidence, and community building. See some of the costumes, photos, and video clips from shows. Learn how to start small and foster the positive relationships with students to see the program grow from year to year. Additionally, Chilton hopes to generate a network of schools that could begin working together to share ideas, costumes, props, and sets for years to come. Chilton Public School District

Everyday Green Initiatives

As an honored recipient of the Green Ribbon Schools from the U.S. Department of Education, the Fort Atkinson School District will present ideas to board members, administrators, teachers, students and parents about how they can include green initiatives in their everyday practice. The exhibit will feature members of the district’s Elementary Green Team who will come and share the ways they teach other students and include ideas about recycling and sustainability. Students and staff will also show how they work to preserve resources and how the district uses its educational wetland to enhance its learning about the natural world. Fort Atkinson School District

District Gardens
Greendale Schools, a 2014 U.S. Department of Education Green Ribbon Schools District Sustainability Award Winner, is committed to teaching its students to live and work in a green and sustainable manner. Learn about the district’s gardens, which are used as an extension of the classroom and help to reconnect students with the natural world and the true source of their food. The school gardens help teach students valuable gardening and agriculture concepts and skills that integrate with academic subjects, including English, math, science, art, health and physical education, and social studies. Learn how the gardens have developed over the years, and gain information on how partnerships have developed. Produce grown in the garden is used by district food service to prepare school lunches. Greendale Schools
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