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On March 12 2012, new design standards were signed into federal law and requires school districts to have an updated Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) transition plan. Working with Disability Access Consulting, the WASB ADA compliance program makes ADA easy to understand and mitigates risk for your district.

is your district ada compliant?

Did you know the Americans with Disabilities Act requires all Title II (government) facilities to:

  1. Appoint a designee to oversee and administer ADA compliance.
  2. Conduct a self-evaluation of programmatic services.
  3. Inspect facilities for existing barriers and non-compliances.
  4. Develop a “transition plan” to transition facilities into full ADA compliance over a certain time period.
    Ensure your district is in ADA compliance today.
WASB ADA Compliance Program

Through Disability Access Consulting, the WASB offers a full range of accessibility services to comply with the Americans with Disabilities Act, including:

  • General ADA training
  • ADA sensitivity training
  • Facility inspections
  • Self-evaluations
  • Transition plans
  • Plan reviews
  • Consultation
  • Expert witness services
Disability access consulting DACtrak

DACTrak, a web-based software platform, provides easy, cost effective and a more efficient way to complete the required inspections and transition (barrier removal) plans

Most importantly the platform provides for long-term management and secure storage of the data. With DACTrak rest easy knowing transition plans can be easily managed to provide progress reports, estimated costs can be calculated to remove barriers and other custom reports can be generated for internal use or to respond to external inquiries.


Disability Access Consulting has worked with more than 400 school districts across the United States. Contact them to assist in attaining your required ADA compliance.

Please contact:

Tim Mahoney

Free Playground Equipment

For a limited time, the National Playground Compliance Group is offering free playground equipment with the purchase of rubber safety tiles. These projects can be installed before the next school year begins.

More information.

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