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Governance Services

The world, Wisconsin, and expectations of public education are changing. Technology and globalization are driving economic and cultural changes around the world. Wisconsin is experiencing economic and demographic changes that threaten its long-standing record of educational excellence.

School board members face complex challenges as they work to lead their districts in these demanding times.

The changing context requires that board members work differently than they did in the past. Today, board members need more than technical expertise; they need to develop leadership skills that allow them to create conditions within their districts that enable students to leave our schools prepared for the challenges of the 21st century.

The work of school board members is best accomplished when they work as a Board-Superintendent leadership team. The goal of the Governance Program is to develop board member’s ability to lead their districts’ efforts to implement change that will lead to improved student achievement in this new context.
Board Development Services

Does your board struggle with any of the following situations?

  • Creating a vision supported by internal and external stakeholders.
  • Using that vision to guide decision-making.
  • Creating agendas that reflect student achievement.
  • Dealing with the conflict.

Board development sessions designed to meet the needs of your whole board, either in an evening conversation, or longer Saturday retreat.

Annual Board Development Tool to help the board work together to raise public trust and satisfaction and improve student achievement.

Stakeholder-Driven Strategic Planning services designed to meet your district’s needs, whether it is vision creation or a complete process that examines district practices.

Board Development Sessions

Board development services are designed to meet your school board’s specific needs. The Key Work framework offers a way to think about what board development looks like as, we work with you to address your board’s development goals.

Board Organization
The board understands how organizational practices fit with the Key Works model, including discussion of board operating policies, committee structures, board orientation and goal writing.

Board Evaluation
Successful boards model that which they seek to see in the district’s staff. Using the ideas found in the Accountability and Continuous Improvement components of the Key Work framework, the board engages in evaluation of its own practices.

Community Engagement
Community engagement is a Key Work component and successful school boards understand their ability to engage with internal and external stakeholders is critical to the district’s success. A carefully developed community engagement plan can help you learn what is important to your community.

Strategic Planning
In the Vision component, school boards think about strategic planning as a way to set short and long-term goals for their finances, student performance, and other key results. The WASB offers a four phase strategic planning process to member boards, that builds community engagement, focuses board decision-making, and creates a viable plan for district performance.

The Key Work of School Boards

School boards are no longer merely overseers of school systems. The Key Work of School Boards was developed by the National Association of School Boards to help school boards execute their role in today’s world: to improve student achievement and increase community engagement to promote student achievement.  In this interactive session you will delve into one of the components to develop an understanding of how to use the workbook.

Communication As Leadership

The complexity of the problems we face requires a leadership style that is very different than what worked in the past.  In this interactive workshop, learn about leadership concepts that can help you navigate the whitewater of today’s complex challenges.

Meeting Skills for Advancing the District Vision:
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