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The Key Work of School Boards

The world, Wisconsin, and the expectations of public education are changing. If school district leaders expect to be successful in this climate, they need to reconsider their leadership strategies. The traditional top-down leadership style that worked in the past is not effective in the current climate. Instead, leaders need to develop the same 21st century communication skills we now expect from students. The governance consultants at WASB are committed to developing board members’ capacity to lead their districts’ efforts to implement change that will lead to improved student achievement.

The Key Work of School Boards is to improve student achievement and increase community engagement to promote student achievement. The Key Work framework, developed by the National School Board Association in collaboration with the American Association of School Administrators, serves as the core curriculum for WASB board governance development.

Key Work Resources

Visit the NSBA website to learn more about the Key Work of School Boards and to find additional resources. The WASB has also created a Collaboration and Community Engagement Podcast.

Key Work of School Boards Book

Overview of the Guidebook

Chapters that cover the elements of the framework include

  • 3-4 page explanation of the element
  • Self-Assessment
  • Questions the School Board Should Ask Itself
  • Questions the School Board Should ask the Superintendent and Staff
  • Planning Team Considerations
  • Possible Agenda Items
  • Role of the Board and the Superintendent

The guidebook includes four “Profiles of Leadership” that illustrate how several districts have the concepts of The Key Work to achieve positive results for student achievement.

Purchase the guidebook and get guidance on eight essential, interrelated action areas needed to address to improve student achievement.


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