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Understanding the distinction between leadership and management is an important first step. And it is not enough. Leadership means different things to different people. Different styles of leadership are successful in different situations. Simple problems can be solved with direct, technical leadership. Complex problems require something different; an adaptive leadership style rooted in communication.

Know Your District form 

Key Work of School Boards

The Key Work of School Boards is to improve student achievement and increase community engagement to promote student achievement. The Key Work framework, developed by the National School Board Association in collaboration with the American Association of School Administrators, serves as the core curriculum for WASB board governance development. Learn how this resource can be a helpful tool for your board.

Workshops and Presentations

The WASB staff and consultants provide a wide range of workshops to meet district needs. Select a workshop or presentation for your individual board or partner with neighboring boards for a joint workshop. They can be 1-3 hours or more. Just contact the WASB to schedule an on-site, customized workshop.

Center for Public Education

The Center for Public Education (Center) is a national resource for accurate, timely, and credible information about public education and its importance to the well-being of our nation. The Center provides up-to-date research, data, and analysis on current education issues and explores ways to improve student achievement and engage public support for public schools.

Our intended audience includes school board members and other policymakers, educators, community leaders, parents, and everyone concerned with the education of our children.

The Center is an initiative of the National School Boards Association (NSBA).

Wisconsin Center for Education Research

WCER provides a dynamic environment where some of the country's leading scholars conduct basic and applied education research.

Better Meeting Practices

Better Meeting Practices

Good meetings do not spontaneously occur. Learn about tools for facilitating successful board meetings here.



Wisconsin's Information Network for Successful Schools (WINSS) is a resource for educators, parents and community members.  WINSS provides information on what we want our children to know and be able to do; how students are performing each year; and how our schools are staffed and funded. WINSS also describes the seven characteristics of successful schools - and shares resources that are central to successful schools including leadership, planning tools, professional development and community partnerships.

NSBA Data Resources

Increasingly, school board members are using data to help make good decisions about improving public education for all children. Data-driven decision making can be used to better inform board decisions as school districts grapple with how to think systemically and strategically about reaching their student achievement goals.

NSBA Charter School Resource Center

Charter schools account for five percent of the nation’s public schools with a small but growing enrollment. Find useful resources including definitions of charter terms, NSBA’s advocacy message, research, state policy and news articles.

Charter schools account for five percent of the nation’s public schools with a small but growing enrollment. Find useful resources including definitions of charter terms, NSBA’s advocacy message, research, state policy and news articles.

NSBA National Connection Program

The National School Boards Association National Connection program provides a package of resources and tools to participating school districts. It includes access to:

  • Federal Insider: Get the real story from Washington, D.C. with NSBA's legislative and legal experts.
  • The Center for Public Education Briefing Room: Improve your decision-making with practical insights from school improvement research.
  • Meet the Experts webinars: Innovative ideas shared by national experts who are shaping public education for tomorrow.
  • School Board Leadership Resource Center: Strengthen your board's leadership for student achievement with best practices from across the country.
  • Public Engagement Toolkit: Create public commitment and strengthen confidence in public education.
  • Money Saving Resources Maximize resources available to help your district succeed.
  • American School Board Journal: Stay in the know with NSBA's award-winning coverage of pubic education trends and issues.
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