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Don’t wait—go paperless! Today, it’s more important than ever to focus school district resources on services that pay for themselves quickly. With cost-saving governance technologies readily available that maximize board effectiveness, it’s never been easier to eliminate paper meeting packets. The answer is just one click away.

Implementing eGovernance solutions can benefit your organization in the following ways, and more: 
   •  Save up to tens of thousands of dollars in paper and distribution expenses annually   
   •  Reduce time-of-staff in packet preparation by up to 75 percent
   •  Increase accountability and transparency of governance processes 
   •  Empower constituents by enabling them to proactively access board information 

For as little as $3,000 per year and a one-time $1,000 start-up fee, your organization can be paperless. BoardDocs has two powerful, easy-to-use solutions built on cloud-based technology.

WASB BoardDocs Pro
BoardDocs Pro includes the most comprehensive suite of eGovernance tools available and will dramatically improve the way you manage packets, access information and conduct meetings.

WASB BoardDocs LT
BoardDocs LT is the most comprehensive, entry-level board management system available. Developed specifically for governing bodies of smaller organizations, BoardDocs LT provides a means of electronically publishing and revising agenda items and support documents while maintaining a searchable repository of all data. Administrations can quickly and easily create, approve and track agenda items and important correspondence.

New in 2016: Both BoardDocs Pro and BoardDocs LT now include the BoardDocs Policy Management Platform, an online policy hosting and management resource, as an integrated feature at no additonal cost! With this service, a participating district has access to a convenient web-based platform that allows the district to self-manage the entire policy lifecycle - from draft policies under consideration to active policies and an archive of retired policies. The Policy Management Platform can also be a stand-alone service without utilizing either BoardDocs LT or Pro.

Note: Your district must be a member of WASB to take advantage of special BoardDocs pricing. For more information or to arrange a demonstration, contact your BoardDocs eGovernance Specialist at 800-407-0141 or visit www.boarddocs.com

There may be an upcoming complimentary webinar. Visit the Webinar page and click on BoardDocs under Topics to see if there is one scheduled.

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