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Meeting Management Software
Tools to assist in your school board development.
The WASB provides information about and links to the following meeting
management software products as a service to its members.
eboard solutions

eBOARD is more than just a piece of governance software; it is the only system in the marketplace to centralize, communicate, and align strategic and operational plans, leader evaluations, board policies, administrative regulations, meeting agendas and other important communications and documents.

Product of the Georgia
School Boards Association
Are you ready to make your board meeting agenda packets easier, faster, better—without a big investment in time and equipment? BoardBook is the electronic tool that makes assembly and distribution a snap and opens the door for paperless board meetings.  Tell us who you are and we'll tell you what BoardBook will do for you.
Product of the Texas
Association of School Boards
Neptune Meeting management system

The Neptune Meeting Management System is a web-based, password-protected, meeting management software that allows a district to conduct paperless meetings. The meeting agenda, notes, files and documents are assembled by the meeting owner and made available to all group and individual members that are invited to the meeting.

Product of CESA 7
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