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The WASB Bylaws provide that its purposes are: To aid and assist public school boards and public school agencies of the State of Wisconsin in performing their lawful functions by meetings, communication, dissemination of information and providing other services to such public school boards and public school agencies and to otherwise support, promote and advance the interests of public education in the State of Wisconsin.
The WASB provides its members with a number of sources of information on legal matters affecting Wisconsin school districts. School board members and district administrators receive WASB's Wisconsin School News. Each monthly issue of the Wisconsin School News contains a Legal Comment. School board members and district administrators also receive WASB Legal Notes. Legal Comments and Legal Notes are valuable resources on Wisconsin school law. They provide authoritative, general legal information to WASB members.
The WASB presents a number of conferences and programs throughout the year that include discussion of a variety of school district legal concerns. Each fall, the WASB also co-sponsors the School Law Seminar with the Wisconsin School Attorneys Association.
The WASB also is pleased to provide member boards with legal information relating to their general legal duties and responsibilities in response to their questions. Last year, the WASB responded to over 5,500 law-related telephone inquiries. Inquiries on legal issues made on behalf of WASB-member boards should originate from school board members, school district administrators, school district business managers or school district legal counsel.
The WASB provides legal information with the understanding that no attorney-client relationship between the member board or the individual making the inquiry and the WASB exists or is intended. The application of law to any specific factual context is a matter that any board would be well encouraged to refer to the district's designated legal counsel.
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