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New Laws List
This is a list of the WASB New Laws that provide narrative descriptions of new acts of the Wisconsin legislature that affect Wisconsin school districts. WASB New Laws are distributed to member school boards. Each new act of the legislature carries the number of the “Wisconsin Act” in the two-year state legislative session in which it was enacted.
WASB New Laws are designed to provide authoritative general information as a service to WASB members. The New Laws should not be relied upon as legal advice. If required, legal advice regarding the New Laws should be obtained from the school district’s legal counsel.
2013 Wisconsin Acts | 2011 Wisconsin Acts2009 Wisconsin Acts | 2007 Wisconsin Acts | 2005 Wisconsin Acts | 2003 Wisconsin Acts | 2001 Wisconsin Acts
2013 Acts Subject
373 School districts required to notify county clerk(s) of school district officials
336 School boards authorized to create a capital improvement trust fund
327 Access aisles for parking spaces reserved for persons with physical disabilities
319 Maximum cost of a ticket sold under a class A raffle license
314 Duration of delegation of parental powers using a power of attorney
309 Administration of medication at a camp
306 Eligible costs for community programs and services (Fund 80)
286 Records of hours worked by exempt, non-hourly employees
273 Raffle licenses and types of raffles that may be conducted by licensed organizations
269 Limits on liability for persons offering agricultural tourism activities
258 Charter school principal license; noninstrumentality charter schools' use of the educator effectiveness equivalency process
257 School days and hours of instruction (repeal of 180-day requirement); aid for summer school and interim session instruction
256 Student information system; use by independent charter schools and by private schools participating in a parental choice program
255 Special education aid when contracting for substitute teaching and paraprofessional staffing services
253 Driver education instruction regarding vulnerable highway users
243 Posting or publishing a private representation of nudity or sexually explicit conduct is prohibited
239 Use of an epinephrine auto-injector on school premises or at a school-sponsored activity
237 Requirements for private schools in parental choice programs
211 Public school courses taken by students in home-based private educational programs
208 Employer and educational institution access to, and observation of, personal internet accounts
186 Health plan coverage for oral chemotherapy
183 Redetermining a tax incremental district's base value in a decrement situation
178 Counting votes for write-in candidates
176 Board of canvassers may determine method for recount of certain ballots
160 Signers of nominations papers and petitions required to provide printed name
153 Changes in campaign finance and lobbying laws
139 Purposes of workforce development grants expanded; school district involvement
138 Granting credit towards high school graduation to students in 7th or 8th grade
127 Child psychiatry consultation program
115 Challenges to race-based nicknames, logos, mascots, and team names
112 Increased appropriation for local youth apprenticeship grants
96 Flashing warning lights on school buses
93 Distribution of concussion and head injury information to participants in youth athletic activities
88 Notification requirements for registered sex offenders who are present on school premises
83 Intoxicants defined to include hazardous inhalants
77 Possession of oleoresin of capsicum (pepper spray) by minors
63 Mathematics and science credits required for high school graduation
60 Technical excellence higher education scholarship program
59 Career and technical education incentive grants
46 Change to levy limits for community programs and services; increases to state aid appropriations in 2013-15
39 Traffic violations in areas where sanitation workers are present
36 Changes to unemployment insurance program; increased penalties for late quarterly wage reports; delinquencies can affect DPI licensure
20 Executive Budget Act (2013-15)
8 Powers and duties of the legislative audit bureau, audit requirements, and fraud prevention
2011 Acts Subject
228 Typeface and fees for publication of legal notices
223 Safety mirrors on school busses
216 Human growth and development instruction
215, 240

Automatic trigger of voucher expansion limited

Voter registration at High Schools

172 Concussions and other head injuries sustained in youth athletic activities
168 High school graduation credit for hunter or trapper education
166 Education Reform - "Read to Lead" and "Educator Effectiveness" initiatives

Use of Law Enforcement or juvenile court records for disciplinary purposes under a school district's athletic code

Allowing Milwaukee Public Schools to negotiate reductions in compensation or fringe benefit costs without modifying an existing collective bargaining agreement


Authorizing school boards and libraries to transfer a gift or grant to a community foundation


Immunity from liability for school boards that provide public access to school grounds for certain recreational activities

Making notice of claim and limitations on damages provisions applicable to claims against certain volunteers

158 Various statutory revisions, name changes affecting DPI
157 School Board contracts with a second chance partners for education and other nonprofit corporations that operate work-based learning programs for disengaged pupils
156 Technical Education High School Diplomas
125 Use of Seclusion and Physical Restraint on Pupils in Public Schools
115 Canvassing Procedures and Election Deadlines
114 Open enrollment application timelines and final notice of non-renewal
106 Municipal expenditures not include purchases with schools
105 Enrollment of expelled pupils and mandate flexibility
93 Duty of care owed to trespassers
87 Delegation of power by parent
86 Administration of drugs to pupils law amended
85 Pupil possession and use of epinephrine auto-injector
84 Revocation of DPI license for viewing pornographic material
83 Educational agency permitted to refuse to employ felon
82 Increased penalty for crimes by child care provider
81 Child abuse and neglect identification training required
77 Multijurisdictional tax incremental financing (TIF) districts
75 Partisan primary and 70-day deadline for ballot petitions
71 Revenue obligation trust fund loans
65 Memorandum to reduce compensation and benefits
47 Parental choice programs changes
39 Division of municipalities into wards and the Milwaukee Board
35 Gun-free school zones and concealed weapon laws changed
32 Executive budget act
23 Voter identification and elector residency
21 Gubernatorial approval of proposed agency rules
17 City of Milwaukee authority to sell city-owned, school-used property
16 State family and medical leave law uniform throughout state
14 Minimum insurance requirements for motor vehicles lowered
10 State budget repair law
2009 Acts Subject
397 Retention of certain electronic election materials
390 Safety standards for movable soccer goals
370 Public records format and fees
346 Colorectal cancer screening coverage required
345 Districts excluded from securities law transaction exemption
329 Interstate compact on education of military children
313 Threshold for campaign finance law registration for referenda
309 School safety plans, school bullying, and pupil records
307 Alternative timelines for school district consolidations
306 Academic excellence scholarships
305 Notification to DPI of school closing and reopening
304 Denial of open enrollment to habitual truant
303 Union high school district open enrollment preference
302 Benefits and protections provided to tribal schools and pupils
301 Student achievement guarantee (SAGE) contracts
293 Farm to school programs
292 Worker classification compliance
290 Religious or political meeting employment discrimination
273 Lifesaving skills instruction
271 Career conversations program
250 Race-based nicknames, logos, mascots, and team names
220 Texting while driving prohibited and instruction required
218 Insurance coverage of mental disorders, alcoholism and drug-abuse
215 State superintendent intervention in low-performing schools
209 Changes to law on testing for HIV
208 Diplomas for veterans with service-related disabilities
171 Charge back of property taxes and allocation of omitted taxes
162 Athletic trainers law changed
160 Administration of drugs to pupils law and "school nurse" changed
155 Property tax exemption for certain snowmobile trail groomers
152 Property tax exemption for certain nonprofit community theaters
148 Right to breast-feed
146 Disclosure of health, hospital, and insurance information
140 Volunteer fire fighter and E.M.T. absence from work
134 Human growth and development instruction law amended
114 Science credit for qualified agriculture courses
99 History of organized labor in model academic standards
96 Indoor environmental quality in schools
76 Day care program contract rescission for conviction
64 Railroad crossing hazard instruction
61 Standards to be considered for establishing a charter school
60 Use of exam results requires teacher evaluation plan and bargaining
59 Cooperative research and statewide student data system
58 Milwaukee academic achievement grant applications to DPI
56 Civil Air Patrol service leave
44 School purchase or use of mercury-containing products restricted
42 School closure for health or safety and emergency management
41 Five-year-old kindergarten attendance and first grade admission
39 Firearm possession under 12 and hunting mentorship program
34 Preparation time made a mandatory subject of bargaining
28 Executive budget act
23 Payment of state school aid in June 2009
21 Prohibited practices during labor contract hiatus
20 Compensatory and punitive damages for discrimination
19 Child safety alarms in child care vehicles
14 Required insurance coverage of hearing aids and cochlear implants
12 Smoking prohibitions and responsibilities
11 Federal funds for June aid, DPI pupil records, unemployment changes
2 State finances, federal stimulus funds, and trust fund loans
1 Supplemental and extended unemployment benefits
2007 Acts Subject
226 State finances and phase in of 4-year-old kindergarten
223 Agricultural education and workforce development council
222 Virtual charter schools and statewide Web academy
221 Special education aid for salaries of certain pupil services personnel
220 Suicide prevention information to professional staff
217 State tartan
200 Department of military affairs programs
190 School levy tax distribution
185 Workers'compensation law changes
182 Prohibition on heated pedestrian sidewalks repealed
170 State fund coverage of nonowned property; "insurance" broadened
166 Display of United States flag manufactured in United States
159 Miltary service employment discrimination prohibited
131 WRS changes and Act 11 distribution
126 Legislative audit bureau hotline
118 Policy on privacy in locker rooms
104 Automatic external defibrilator instruction
103 Blood donation by 16-year-olds
82 Investments for post-retirement benefits in separate trust fund
79 Tornado or other hazard drills and required reports
70 Renewable resource facilities authority
68 Drivers' instruction on passing stopped emergency vehicles
61 Library board donation transfers
59 Unemployment insurance law changes
57 Tax incremental district expansion
40 Payment for advanced placement examinations
36 Health insurance coverage of dependent student on medical leave
22 Veterans as classroom volunteers
20 State budget bill
4 Department of revenue equalized value error loans
1 Government accountability board
2005 Acts Subject
475 Youth challenge program report to resident district
467 Special committee on strengthening Wisconsin's families
466 Driver ed motorcycle, pedestrian, and bicycle awareness
453 Use of proceeds from sale of Milwaukee school real property
451 Referendum notice, high school poll workers, and recall
445 Abstinence instruction in growth and development programs
434 Sexually violent persons commitment proceedings and records
420 Public library system organization and funding
418 Environmental remediation tax incremental financing
405 Interest on property tax refunds on manufacturing property
398 Inhaler use at private schools and "asthma" defined
346 Single-sex schools and courses
341 Marriage and parental responsibility instruction in same course
333 Polling hours
328 TIF district created from existing TIF district
319 Child abuse and neglect prevention board
290 Hunting in a school forest
274 Volunteer's criminal liability
272 Harassment injuction bases expanded
267 Academic excellence scholarship for vocational diploma
263 Methamphetamine use in presence of child prohibited
258 State special education law changed
252 Report number of hours of direct pupil instruction
241 Personal property tax settlement on leased land improvements
234 Interstate compact for juveniles
233 Condemnation authority limited
226 Public library changes
225 Youth challenge pupils revenue limit count year
224 Transportation of joint custody pupils who live outside district
223 Fee for additional transportation
222 State aid paid to consolidated school districts
221 Meningococcal disease information to parents of pupils
220 School board and DPI requirements repealed
219 Aid and revenue limit for newly created district
218 Special education transition services clearinghouse
204 Securing payment on public works
194 Health plan coverage of cancer clinical trials
188 Volunteer health care provider program expanded
184 Child unattended in child care vehicle prohibited
181 Substance abuse prevention on public works projects
174 Parent electronic communication with child
172 Worker's compensation law changes
165 Shaken baby syndrome instruction
125 Milwaukee parental choice program amendments and SAGE
122 Attendance report to DPI repealed
121 DPI fingerprint technologies
120 Reorganization order mailing
118 School bus allowed to tow trailers
113 Child "abuse" if present during meth manufacture
111 UW-Parkside charter school enrollment increase
106 Child safety restraint systems
99 School district post-employment benefit investments
92 Electronic voting standards
86 Unemployment insurance law changes
68 Open enrollment nonresident pupil transportation
66 Group insurance board membership
62 School performance reports on request and on Internet
60 Law enforcement recording of custodial interrogations
59 Public access to financial identifying information limited
43 School transportation bio-diesel fuel cost assistance
25 State budget bill
24 Transmission line conveyance
22 Veterans statutes recodified
13 Town tax incremental financing powers
12 Preemption of local "living wage" ordinances
6 Tax incremental financing changes
5 Juvenile sex offender information
4 Property tax exemption for arts and education centers
2003 Acts Subject
305 "The Great Hunger" special observance day
292 Pupil record confidentiality and exchange of information
280 New requirements for persons transporting pupils
278 Local government telecommunications limited
271 Exposed school employees' HIV test authority
254 Leasing school property
231 Town tax increment law
207 Library disclosures to parents
180 Racine County disabilities education board dissolution
157 Construction contract retainage
156 Woodlands charter school attendance
155 Milwaukee choice program requirements
153 WRS annuity adjustments
132 Yearbook photograph contracts
131 Youth options program limited
126 Tax incremental financing changes
98 Compensation and training of election officials
95 Property tax bill information
82 Truancy notice to court
78 Municipal mutual property insurance
55 Open enrollment waiting list
47 Access to public records
46 Sheboygan TIF extended
43 Financing Milwaukee schools' unfunded WRS liability
42 School attendance excuse for sounding "Taps"
39 "Pay-to-play" prohibitions
33 State budget bill
26 School bus towing trailer
2001 Acts Subject
109 State budget reform act
100 POW-MIA recognition day
98 Diplomas for veterans
83 Drug administration practitioners
82 Diabetes medication coverage
69 Second-chance homes
58 Crossing gates on buses required
57 Wisconsin school for deaf changes
54 Board election change petition requirements
48 Definition of minority group pupil
47 School crossing speed limit
37 Worker's compensation law changes
26 National Guard reemployment rights
22 Military service members' licenses and compensation
20 Prisoners of war remembrance day
16 State budget bill
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