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WASB Member Recognition Program



Education, experience, dedication, and effort are vital to your effectiveness as a school board member. Educational leadership develops through years of school board service and through members' attendance at board programs.

In 1988, the Wisconsin Association of School Boards initiated the Member Recognition Program to encourage school board members to participate in activities that strengthen their skills as local educational leaders. During the Fall Regional Meetings, members who have committed themselves to learning more about good governance practices are recognized.

Board members are awarded points for participating in WASB and NSBA (National School Boards Association) activities. These include: attending conventions, workshops, seminars, webinars, and inservice sessions; serving on WASB committees; serving on non-WASB committees on behalf of the WASB; or serving as a delegate to the WASB Delegate Assembly. A specified number of points is assigned each activity, ranging from one to 30 points.

The annual Member Recognition Program runs from July 1 through June 30, and points are cumulative from year-to-year. Each August, the WASB sends out a Member Recognition Report, which reflects WASB programs attended for that year and the total accumulated points. Qualifying board members receive recognition pins and certificates.

New board members are encouraged to utilize the Introduction to School Board Service Program - a component of the Member Recognition Program. The Introduction to School Board Service Program is a professional development guide intended to help board members in their first term of office be exposed, at an introductory level, to the full range of issues and topics that come before boards and be exposed to content that reflects the core work, actions and styles of effective school boards.

If every member of your board has received or will receive a board recognition award, your district is eligible for special recognition. To receive this recognition, contact the WASB.

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