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Track 1 - Employment Law
Alternative teacher compensation systems
What are schools in Wisconsin and other states doing to change teacher pay? Staff will examine pay systems in Wisconsin, Washington, D.C., Denver, Los Angeles, Houston and other communities across the country, describing how those pay systems work and providing evaluative data on those systems where available.
Barry Forbes - Co-Director of WASB Legal Services
HIring, Transfers and layoffs
The elimination of collective bargaining allows school boards to consider alternatives to seniority in hiring, transfer and layoff decisions, but the reasons used for making those decisions must have a reasonable basis to avoid age discrimination and other potential legal challenges. We will review handbook language covering hiring, transfers and layoffs, and discuss the legal implications of using alternatives to seniority in making employment decisions.
Bob Butler - Co-Director of WASB Legal Services
Basics of bargaining under act 10
While Act 10 has substantially changed and limited collective bargaining in Wisconsin, it has not eliminated bargaining. Unions now seek recertification on an annual basis. Boards and administrators must continue to be aware of prohibited practices under the bargaining law. The Wisconsin Employment Relations Commission is about to issue new rules governing the calculation of base wage increases. This session will review board bargaining and other obligations under Act 10.
Ben Richter - WASB Legal Services Staff Counsel
Grievance process and handling employee complaints
The manner in which boards process employee complaints has changed. Contractual grievance procedures are now a prohibited subject of bargaining. Act 10 requires all local governments to adopt a grievance process for employee discipline, termination and employee safety issues. Many boards are adopting other complaint policies and procedures. This session will review the statutory grievance process and supplemental complaint procedures.
Craig Hubbell - WASB Legal Services Staff Counsel
Track 2 - School Law
Open Meeting Law
Open Meeting Law questions are commonly received by WASB Legal Services staff. This session will cover the basics of the Open Meeting Law, with emphasis on how the Open Meeting Law changes the way boards talk about employee handbooks as compared to meeting in closed session to discuss collective bargaining strategies.
Ben Richter - WASB Legal Services Staff Counsel
Pupil Records
The maintenance and release of pupil records is governed by a mix of state and federal laws. The U.S. Department of Education has recently adopted new Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) regulations. We will cover the basics of the pupil records law and focus on limitations to the release of pupil records and on recent changes in the law.
Craig Hubbell - WASB Legal Services Staff Counsel
New Law Update
The Legislature has passed and the Governor has signed 113 new laws in the 2011-12 legislative session. Staff will review new laws important to school boards and education, and will examine other legal developments of importance in the last year.
Bob Butler - Co-Director of WASB Legal Services
Conflicts of Interest and incompatibility
of office and position

Wisconsin law prohibits board members from having a private interest in public contracts and from using their office to obtain anything of substantial value. The law also prohibits board members from holding positions that are incompatible with service on a school board. These laws have significant implications for board members who work for entities contracting with school districts and for board members married to school employees. Can a school employee serve on a school board? Can a board member be a volunteer coach? Staff will address these questions and more in this session.
Barry Forbes - Co-Director of WASB Legal Services
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