The Policy Resource Guide is a new, Web-based policy tool designed to assist Wisconsin school boards and administrators in the important tasks of policy development and implementation. It contains information on  a wide variety of topics, including policies required by law and “hot policy” topics.

The purpose of the Guide is to help school districts develop local policies that meet their own community needs and interests while keeping in mind general legal considerations.
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Some advantages of a Policy Resource Guide subscription include:
  • Online, 24/7 access to Wisconsin-specific policy resources created and updated by WASB’s Policy Staff.
  • Sample policies on an ever-growing number of policy topics that will assist your school board and administration in the process of creating, reviewing, and updating district policies.
  • Background information resources, complete with live links to current statutes and other publications, that will assist school officials in the day-to-day process of policy implementation, provide policy-makers with a solid grounding in the policy and legal considerations that are relevant to each policy topic, and serve as a new source of professional and board development resources within the district.
To learn more, please review the Questions and Answers page, watch the online demonstration video, or contact the WASB’s policy services staff at (877) 705-4422.
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