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Coaching is a concept that is commonplace in a number of settings such as sports and business. It is easy to overlook the fact that the purpose of coaching is not only to achieve individual high performance and accountability but also organizational success.

The WASB believes that coaching can build essential knowledge and skills that are applicable in the education setting.

The WASB Coaching Program is designed for initial and second-year district administrators, and includes the active participation of the school board president and/or school board members. The intent of the program is to build the working relationship and strengthen the leadership capacity for change and professional growth.

A major focus of the program is the development and implementation of effective communication strategies, which are critical determinants to organizational success.

The ability to communicate is the most sought after trait by school boards in superintendent searches.

Effective communication necessarily includes role clarifications, conflict resolution strategies and goal and objectives identification.
The WASB Coaching Program will:
  • Enhance each participant’s communication skills both internally within the school system and externally with the school community.
  • Expose participants to various problem-solving strategies for issues that are typically encountered by district administrators and board presidents.
  • Improve leadership team efforts between the school board president and district administrator through an analysis of decision-making and leadership style preferences. Often an appreciation of each individual’s strengths comes only through recognition of style differences.
  • Help set the stage for positive district administrator performance evaluations with the school board. With the implementation of standards-based evaluation, an emphasis on position description validity for administrators becomes even more critical.
  • Provide an opportunity for individuals experiencing the same types of challenges to share ideas and learn from each other in a risk-free, learning environment.
A Coaching Program may be tailored to best meet the needs of the individual participants.
Please contact a CONSULTANT to see how THE COACHING PROGRAM can work for your district.
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