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WSAA George Tipler Award

To honor the efforts of former WASB Executive Director George Tipler, who initiated the founding of the Wisconsin School Attorney Association and was a long-serving advocate for the boys and girls of Wisconsin, the WSAA board of directors in 1994 established the George Tipler Award for Distinguished Service in School Law. The award is presented annually at the WSAA membership meeting to an individual nominated by school officials or member attorneys and selected by the WSAA Board of Directors.

Listed below are past recipients of this most distinguished award.

1994 Founders Edition George Tipler
1994 Founders Edition James F. Clark
1994 Founders Edition Rodney O. Kittelsen
1994 Founders Edition John Kramer
1994 Founders Edition Mac A. McKichan
1994 Founders Edition Albert J. Petajan
1994 Founders Edition George Redmond
1994 Founders Edition Roy Thiel
1995 Walter Davis
1996 Warren Kreunen
1997 Edward Coe
1998 J.D. McKay
1999 Stevens Riley
2000 Steve Hintzman
2001 Michael Spector
2002 Gilbert Berthelsen
2003 Dennis Rader
2004 Kathryn Prenn
2005 James Ruhly
2006 Frank Johnson
2007 Clarence Sherrod
2008 Michael Julka
2009 Frank Crisafi
2010 Edward Williams
2011 Mark Vetter
2011 Stephen Weld
2011 Jeffrey Jones
2012 Eileen Brownlee
2013 David Friedman
2014 Paul Hemmer
2014 David Rohrer
2015 Gary Ruesch
2016 Nancy Pirkey
2016 James Ward
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