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Advocacy and Government Relations Services


Delegate Assembly


The WASB positions on policy issues are generally decided by the WASB Delegate Assembly, which is comprised of one representative from each member school board and CESA board of control. The Delegate Assembly meets annually at the time of the WASB-WASDA-WASBO State Education Convention in January. The process begins months earlier with the Policy and Resolutions Committee comprised of 25 school board members from across the state.

The Policy and Resolutions Committee evaluates the resolutions submitted by WASB member boards and determines which resolutions will advance to the next Delegate Assembly. Resolutions turned down by the committee are still afforded an opportunity to be brought to the Delegate Assembly floor.

Resolutions are due each year by Sept. 15. Contact the WASB government relations staff for additional information.




  • Form for Submitting Proposed Resolutions for 2018 Delegate Assembly  [If you have problems downloading this form in Chrome, try using another browser (e.g. Firefox, Microsoft Edge, Internet Explorer, etc.). If you are still having problems, send us the resolution language in a word document. Please include your school district name, date your board adopted the resolution, name of resolution, resolution language and rationale, and the signature of the board president or a statement verifying that your board adopted this resolution.]