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Advocacy and Government Relations Services


2018 WASB Legislative Agenda


The WASB will advocate for:

1. Preserving Governance of Publicly Funded Schools by Locally-Elected Boards, by

Advocating local control of school district referenda. (Resolution 1.25)

• Opposing unfunded state mandates. (Resolution 3.20)

• Opposing attempts to expand private school vouchers/independent charters at the expense of public education or take over public schools or school districts. (Resolutions 1.01(b), 2.70, 2.705, 3.21)

2. Providing Necessary Resources for Public Schools, including by:

• Increasing sparsity aid payments to eligible districts and expanding sparsity aid eligibility to districts with sparse pupil populations and membership between 746 and 1,000). (Resolutions 2.16, 2.16(a) and 2.17)

• Increasing the low-revenue ceiling to allow the state’s lowest revenue (lowest spending) districts an opportunity to catch up with higher revenue districts. (Resolutions 2.43, 2.425)

• Linking annual adjustments to per pupil revenue limits, per pupil aid and the low-revenue ceiling to inflation (if positive) in future years. (Resolutions 2.19, 2.43)

• Changing the distribution schedule for state general aids so districts receive more of their aid earlier in the school year and/or via more than four aid payments. (Resolution 2.20(d))

• Restoring the revenue limit exemption for energy efficiency projects, and, if necessary, with guidelines to tighten up the program to prevent abuse or misuse. (Resolution 2.41(r))

3. And Help Lead A State Effort in Response to the “No Time to Lose” Report Issued by the National Conference of State Legislatures (NCSL). (Resolutions 3.24, 4.60)

4. Implementing Strategies to Achieve the State’s Goals Underneath the Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA). (Resolutions 3.01, 3.17 and 3.24)