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2019 WASB Legislative Agenda

The WASB will advocate for:

1. Local School Board Authority, including:

♦ Local control of school district referenda. (Resolution 1.25)

♦ Opposing unfunded state mandates. (Resolution 3.20)


2. Necessary Resources for Public Schools, including:

♦ Providing predictable increases in available school district revenues to at least match inflationary increases in school costs. (Resolution 2.19)

♦ Providing annual adjustments to per pupil resources linked to inflation. (Resolutions 2.16, 2.41(u), 2.43)

♦ Supporting increasing special education categorical aid to reimburse at least 33 percent of prior year eligible costs.
(Resolution 2.31)

♦ Supporting recommendations of the Blue Ribbon Commission on School Funding that align with WASB resolutions.


3. Student Mental Health/School Safety, including:

♦ Supporting efforts and funding to permit schools to provide for school-based mental health programs and address mental health professional shortages. (Resolution 6.06)


 4. Implementing Recommendations in the “No Time to Lose” Report Issued by the National Conference of State Legislatures (NCSL) in connection with the Blue Ribbon Commission on School Funding.
(Resolutions 3.24, 4.60, 5.53)

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