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DPI releases certified student count data, general aid amounts

The Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction today released information on fall student counts, school district revenue limits and general school aids for the 2021-2022 school year.

From DPI:

“Wisconsin school districts reported similar enrollments for fall 2021 as they did for fall 2020, reflecting the continued impact of the COVID-19 pandemic. The data published is unaudited and is based off enrollment counts performed on Sept. 17, 2021, the third Friday of September, and reported to the DPI.”
For more information on fall student counts and revenue limits, and for a full news release, click here.


Senate committees holding hearings this week on K-12 bills

The Senate Committee on Education and the Committee on Judiciary and Public Safety are holding public hearings on Thursday, October 14 on bills related to K-12 education that we are following.  Both hearings are scheduled to be covered LIVE on WisconsinEye.  

Senate Committee on Judiciary and Public Safety, 10 a.m., 411 South, State Capitol

  • Senate Bill 585 Relating to: reporting certain crimes and other incidents that occur on school property or school transportation and granting rule-making authority.


Office of School Safety (OSS) reminders

Wisconsin Act 143, signed into law in 2017, requires all public and private schools to submit the following information to the Office of School Safety (OSS) by January 1 of each school year. This is required of all school districts regardless of their participation in the state’s school safety grants in recent years.

The OSS provides a checklist for the annual requirements. If your district has no changes in floor plans or is within the required three-year window for submitting safety plans and assessments, school districts must still submit the 2021-2022 Act 143 Checklist to the OSS by January 1 of this current school year. (more…)

GOP proposal would allow Governor to appoint State Supt.

State Sen. Roger Roth (R-Appleton) and state Rep. Shae Sortwell (R-Two Rivers) are proposing an amendment to the Wisconsin Constitution that would turn the state superintendent of public instruction, treasurer and secretary of state into Cabinet positions appointed to serve at the pleasure of the governor. The amendment also would make the treasurer the head of the state Department of Revenue, eliminating the agency secretary.


State legislature votes on a plethora of K-12 legislation

State legislature votes on a plethora of K-12 legislation

Both the state Senate and Assembly were in session on Sept. 28 and acted on the following K-12 legislation:

Passed Both Houses, Headed to the Governor

Senate Bill 373 – This bill requires DPI to create a school district financial information portal, in a format that allows the public to download, sort, search, and access the information at no cost. The bill also creates an advisory committee (including a WASB appointee) to advise the DPI on the portal. Passed, 20-11 (Senate); Voice Vote (Assembly). (more…)

Assembly looks to approve K-12 bills including reading assessments, race & gender stereotypes, new mandates on posting learning materials

Assembly looks to approve K-12 bills including reading assessments, race & gender stereotypes, new mandates on posting learning materials

The proposed calendar for the Sept. 28 Assembly floor calendar includes a number of K-12 bills including a bevy of new unfunded state mandates (some of which are very proscriptive) relating to early literacy assessments, posting of curriculum/learning materials, cursive writing instruction, and reporting information relating to credit recovery courses. 

There are also bills on providing school financial information in a more user-friendly format, civics instruction and directing federal stimulus dollars to mental health efforts (click on the bill number for more information). (more…)