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Member Recognition Point System

(Applicable to WASB or NSBA activities since April 1, 1988)

Achievement Levels

Level 1 – 75 points

Level 2 – 150 points

Level 3 – 225 points

Level 4 – 450 points

Level 5 – 675 points


Attend WASB or NSBA convention (30 points)
Serve as a delegate to the WASB Delegate Assembly (5 points)

WASB/NSBA Programs

Attend a two-day workshop or seminar (20 points)
Attend a one and one-half day workshop or seminar (15 points)
Attend a one-day workshop, seminar or in-service of more than four hours (10 points)
Attend a 2-4 hour workshop, seminar or in-service (5 points)
Present at a WASB or NSBA event (5 points)
Attend a webinar (2 points)

WASB Committees

Serve on a WASB committee (10 points)
Serve on the WASB Policy and Resolutions Committee (20 points)

Non–WASB Committees—Appointed or Nominated By WASB

(Applies to committees, councils, task forces and other bodies.)
Serve on a Continuing Body (20 points for each year of service)
Total Service Participation if the Non-WASB Body Meets for One Year or Less (20 points)


Testify before a legislative committee (5 points)
Write an article for the WASB Wisconsin School News (5 points)

For more information, contact the WASB.

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