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2017 Governance Workshops

Continuous improvement of a school board requires ongoing learning and training. Experienced WASB staff and consultants are offering four workshops this fall throughout the state focused on data, effective board operations and community leadership to improve board governance. Each workshop will be offered in two locations. Attend with fellow board members to enhance your learning.

Update: An additional session has been added to the Operating Effectively as a Board Workshop on Oct. 12 in Fennimore. Please see below for more information.

Data Dive Workshops | Oct. 27
5 Member Recognition Points LogoData Dive Workshop: Continuous Improvement of School Boards

Friday, October 27 • CESA 2, Whitewater

8:30 am Registration & Continental Breakfast | 9 am – 12 pm Program

An effective school board uses strategic planning and data-based decision making to continuously drive improvement and affect student achievement. This requires an understanding and use of data-based decision making on a regular basis. The school board role is to set goals for the district and ask key questions – both of the administration and itself – to ensure that the goals are being met through the planning and decision-making process.

What are the data points your board is using to evaluate student achievement goals and the board’s effectiveness? What are the questions your board is asking to ensure that its goals are being met? This session will provide an in-depth look at proven methods to track key data points for goal performance and the impact of school board decisions.

• Al Brown, WASB Consultant

Data Dive Workshop: Finances, Facilities, and Operations Shared Data – Who Else Knows?

Friday, October 27 • CESA 2, Whitewater

12 pm Registration | 12:30 pm Lunch | 1 – 4 pm Program

Whether it relates to school finance, facilities, food service, student transportation, or other related support services in a school district, there exists a great deal of information and data. Most of this data is in the hands of highly capable staff who use it daily in the performance of their duties. If shared with the broader internal and external communities, a knowledge bridge of understanding can remove lingering and potential mistrust. This presentation will delve into the sources, organization, presentation, and use of data to inform board decisions and ultimately add to the list of who else knows.

• Roger Price, WASB Consultant

Register for the Data Dive workshops separately or
as a full-day workshop at a discounted rate.
Operating Effectively as a Board Workshop | Oct. 12

5 Member Recognition Points Logo

Thursday, October 12 • CESA 3, Fennimore

5 – 6 pm Pre-Workshop Session
School Board Members – Do You Know How Your Levy is Calculated?

In this complimentary, one-hour session, CESA 3 Administrator Jamie Nutter will help board members understand how a district’s levy is calculated in simple and understandable terms. He’ll explain the advantages and disadvantages to receiving state aid, how summer school is calculated to help boost enrollment, how equalized value impacts state aid, how transfer of service impacts mill rates and future revenue limits, and how categorical aid (per-pupil aid) impacts future state aid calculations.

  • Jamie Nutter, CESA 3 Administrator

6 pm Dinner

6:30 – 9 pm Operating Effectively as a Board Workshop

All school boards conduct their business in similar meetings. However, the effectiveness of their meetings can vary widely. How a board sets its agendas and plans for and conducts its meetings can impact the board’s success in moving the needle on student achievement. But the legal requirements are just one component of an effective meeting – the human variable needs to be addressed as well.

In this workshop, a WASB attorney will review the legal requirements for meetings and how to structure meetings to achieve different purposes. He’ll be joined by a WASB consultant who has years of experience as a school district administrator to discuss how a board/superintendent team can work together to ensure effective meetings.

  • Al Brown, WASB Consultant, and Ben Richter, WASB Staff Counsel

Attendees are welcome to arrive by 5 pm to attend both sessions or by 6 pm for dinner and the Operating Effectively Workshop. There is no additional charge to attend the 5 pm session on the school levy. It is provided as a complimentary service for CESA 3 members.

Community Leadership Workshop | Oct. 17

5 Member Recognition Points Logo

Tuesday, October 17 • Romy’s Holiday Inn, Suring

5:30 pm Registration | 6 pm Dinner | 6:30 – 9 pm Program

Effective boards recognize public schooling’s impact on the community and understand how strong connections mean everyone is invested in successful schools. School boards must employ the art of influence – through policy and strategic engagement – to generate the public and parental support necessary to implement the board’s vision and improve student achievement. In this workshop, you will explore the board’s advocacy role, understand the benefits of engaging parents, the community and business as partners, and discover how a strong communication program can help you win the understanding and support of the community.

• Suring: Cheryl Stinski, WASB Consultant


Governance Workshops Registration Information

The registration fee is $95 per participant per workshop or $155 per participant for both Data Dive Workshops in one day. The fee includes the program, materials, and corresponding meal.

Deadline for registration: Seven days prior to the workshop.

No refunds will be given unless cancellation is received at the WASB Madison office by that date. To cancel, please call 608-257-2622 or toll-free 877-705-4422.


Governance Workshop Locations
  • CESA 2 • 1221 Innovation Dr., Whitewater • 262-473-1473  Directions

  • CESA 3 • 1300 Industrial Dr., Fennimore • 608-822-3276  Directions

  • Romy’s Holiday Inn • 9600 Co. Rd. G, Suring • 920-842-2781  Directions