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2019 Spring Workshops

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Agenda (same in all locations)

6 pm: Dinner
6:30-8:30 pm: Legal Roles and Responsibilities of School Boards

To be effective leaders, school board members must be cognizant of their legal roles and responsibilities. In this workshop, an experienced WASB school attorney will take a deeper dive into the key areas of Wisconsin law, including:

• Open meetings,
• Public records,
• Conflicts of interest, and
• A board’s power and duties.

Participants will gain a greater confidence in understanding the state and federal laws that directly impact service on a school board and how the implementation of those laws influences effective board governance.

The workshops will provide a foundation for new school board members to begin learning their role and serve as a helpful refresher for experienced board members.

Presenter: WASB Staff Attorney

Registration Information

Registration Fees: $100 per member. Includes dinner and program materials.

Register online at
Make checks payable to the Wisconsin Association of School Boards, Inc.

Registration Deadline: One week prior to each workshop. (End of business day on the Tuesday of the week before if the workshop is on a Tuesday; end of business day on the Wednesday of the week before if the workshop is on a Wednesday; or end of business day on the Thursday of the week before if the workshop is on a Thursday.)

No refunds will be given for cancellations received after the registration deadline for that workshop.
To cancel, call toll-free 877-705-4422.

Dates and Locations
Members are welcome to attend a workshop in any location.

Tuesday, May 7

CESA 1, N25W23131 Paul Road, Suite 100, Pewaukee, Directions

CESA 12, 618 Beaser Avenue, Ashland, Directions

Wednesday, May 8

CESA 3,1300 Industrial Drive, Fennimore, Directions

CESA 11, 225 Ostermann Drive, Turtle Lake, Directions

Thursday, May 9

CESA 6 (Conference Center), 2300 State Road 44, Oshkosh, Directions

CESA 10, 725 W. Park Avenue, Chippewa Falls, Directions

Tuesday, May 14

CESA 4, 923 East Garland Street, West Salem, Directions

CESA 7, 595 Baeten Road, Green Bay, Directions

Wednesday, May 15

CESA 5, 626 E. Slifer Street, Portage, Direction

CESA 8, 223 W. Park Street, Gillett, Directions

Thursday, May 16

CESA 2, 1221 Innovation Drive, Suite 205, Whitewater, Directions

CESA 9, 304 Kaphaem Road, Tomahawk, Directions