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Virtual Convention Presenter Instructions & Tips


Presenters: If you are having difficulty with the AccelEvents system, contact WASB staff at You may want to try these tips:

Presenter Tips If Having Difficulty

Watch a recent recorded webinar for speakers on how to present a breakout session or workshop in the AccelEvents hub.

Basic steps:

  1. At least 15 minutes before your session is scheduled to start, navigate to the virtual convention hub via the WASB website at or via the email sent to you by AccelEvents inviting you to participate in the session.
  2. Log in to the platform (if it is your first time accessing the hub, you will need to create a password).
  3. Access the session by clicking on “My Talks” in the blue side bar if you are in the virtual hub already or by clicking on the link in the speaker invitation email sent by AccelEvents.
  4. Select your camera and microphone and click on “Join Call.”
  5. When ready, click “Broadcast” to begin broadcasting the session to attendees.
    Note: You cannot begin broadcasting a session until it is scheduled to start but it takes a few moments for the broadcast to begin so try to start right on time.
    Attendees can begin entering the breakout session 15 minutes before it is scheduled to start. But attendees will see a black screen until the session is being “broadcasted.” (Presenters can enter the room any time before the scheduled start.)
  6. Use the Share Screen button on the left to share your screen or a file. To stop sharing, click the same button. If you are sharing a file, do NOT use a PowerPoint file. It may be distorted. Save your PowerPoint as a pdf and use that file.
  7. There is a 30-second delay in broadcasting so be aware of that when asking attendees to respond to questions or polls, and please wait 30 seconds after completing the session to click the “Stop Broadcast” button to ensure that the recording captures your final remarks.

More Details for 2021 Convention Presenter in Virtual Hub (Updated Jan. 17, 2021 – includes example of attendee view when a file is being shared)

For Roundtable Workshop presenters:

For roundtable sessions, you are using the Workshop format, not the Breakout Session format in order to allow attendees to more actively participate. These formats are very similar with some notable differences:

  • Your session will NOT be recorded.
  • Attendees can join with their camera and microphone. Up to 16 can be on camera at a time.
  • Attendees can join two minutes before the scheduled start.
  • Presenters can join anytime before the session via the My Talks tab.
  • The 16 on camera is first come, first serve. So, we recommend that all presenters join a little early to ensure that you have first access to the camera and microphone. As presenters, you can control which attendees have their microphones and cameras on so you can turn off others if need be.
  • There is a hand-raise feature so you can allow others to participate.
  • You can share a video in a workshop.
  • There is no need to “Start Broadcast”

Frequently Asked Questions About Workshops

Tips for using the AccelEvents hub:

  • Important: Use the most updated version of Chrome as your browser.
  • Use a PC rather than a Mac if possible.
  • Do NOT enter your session via the Live Agenda or Breakout Session links. You will be entering the session as a participant, not as a speaker. Enter your session through the “My Talks” link in the hub or in the speaker invitation email sent by AccelEvents.

Presenter Tips:

  • Be sure all presenters are listed ahead of time so they can enter the room as a speaker.
  • All breakout sessions and workshops are scheduled for 60 minutes.
  • Put questions in the chat box and/or use the polling and Q&A features to engage participants.
  • Link to your handouts in the chat. They will be accessible with the session under details but linking to them in the chat makes them more prominent.
  • Once you are logged in, you can click on the “Hello, ‘your name'” button at the top to add your photo, bio, social media links, etc.

If you have questions or problems, contact the WASB Director of Communications Sheri Krause at or 608-512-1705.

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