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Step into the Classroom of the Future

Wednesday, Jan. 20, 10:15-10:45 am
Thursday, Jan. 21, 10:15-10:45 am
Image Classroom of the Future

The classroom of the near, and not-so-near, future needs to be highly flexible and seamlessly integrated with technology at every point. Want to see what that looks like? Some of the top experts in the K-12 building and design industry will present an interactive and immersive learning experience to you.

At the 2021 State Education Convention, a team of professionals will guide attendees through an interactive, 3D model of a “Classroom of the Future,” virtually showcasing multi-disciplinary offerings of the latest technologies, designs and products.

Join the complimentary tour to see the latest trends in architectural educational design that addresses an increasingly vital flexibility to support in-person learning without sacrificing health and safety. See how furniture and furnishings shape the ability of the classroom of the future to adapt to different learning approaches, group interactions and personalized learning. Learn about the importance of proper classroom illumination and the role that different colors of light play with human biology.

The virtual exhibit will also showcase how schools and classrooms of the future will adapt to become active participants in the fight against future pandemics. They’ll highlight innovation in maintaining indoor air quality, Including filtration and ventilation technologies currently being implemented, as well as emergent technologies such as UV disinfection lighting, bipolar ionization bars with needlepoint technologies and demand-controlled ventilation.

Finally, we know that looming budgetary shortfalls and shrinking tax bases in many districts mean the classroom of the future will need to be efficient and sustainable. The team of experts will show attendees how their systems can offer payback savings through investments both large and small.

Classroom Of The Future Team Member Contact Info

Wisconsin State Education Convention
122 W. Washington Ave., Suite 400 · Madison, WI 53703
toll-free 877-705-4422 ph 608-257-2622 · fax 608-257-8386


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