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Student Art Exhibit Call



Showcase Your Creative Vision

For Students in Grades 7-12
Deadline Nov. 13, 2020

The Wisconsin Association of School Boards, in cooperation with the Wisconsin Art Education Association, announces the annual Wisconsin Art Exhibits and Awards. This experience is open to all Wisconsin public school students enrolled in grades 7-12. Each piece of work submitted in accordance with the entry criteria will be exhibited at the 2021 State Education Convention in January in Milwaukee. Join us in showcasing the talent of Wisconsin students!

Use the online form to submit your proposal.


The Artist’s Challenge: Continuing the Journey

It’s often said that every picture is worth a thousand words. Using any media or combination of media (digital media is not accepted), create an original work of art (not graphic design) depicting what it means to take a journey. Everyone is on a journey in their life. Where is yours taking you? Where do you want it to go? What is the impact of your journey on others? Let your creativity shine.

Application Process

To complete your application you must do BOTH of the following by Nov. 13, 2020:

  1. Using a trackable delivery service, send a copy of the online application form in an envelope taped to back of the artwork, and the carefully packaged artwork by Nov. 8 to: Jen Dahl, WAEA, 410 County Hwy A, Black River Falls, WI 54615. We cannot be responsible for artwork lost in transit. Notification letters will be sent to all participants by Jan. 4, 2021.
  2. Complete the registration form on the WASB website and submit it electronically. Please fill out the form accurately as the information will be used for letters, certificates, publications, etc. Print a copy of the form to be submitted with the artwork.
Submission Guidelines
  • Artwork must adhere to all of the following:
  • Students must be enrolled in grades 7-12 in a Wisconsin public school at the time the piece is submitted.
  • Each school may enter up to four works of art.
  • All work must answer the problem to be solved in the media.
  • Create your own artwork on paper no smaller than 10” x 12” and no larger than 20” x 22”. (Digital media format not accepted, all work must be on paper.)
  • All work must be the ORIGINAL work of the student.
  • Aesthetically include a statement about your interpretation of this challenge within the space below the artwork. (Do not tape it to the bottom extending beyond the board.)
  • Sign your artwork.
  • All work must be covered with Mylar (not shrink wrap). Mylar is available at most art supply centers. It can also be called Grafix and Dura-Law and is economical by the roll. Mylar is preferable to any other material as it is durable, clear, uniform throughout the show and effectively protects artwork during numerous moves and transportation. Use masking tape on all edges on the back to secure.
  • Artwork or statements hinged or floating (attached to the surface of the board) must be attached securely.
  • Place your artwork and statement on a mounting board such as illustration board or foam core, NOT tag board, canvas or heavy cardboard. Do NOT glue your artwork to the mounting board (the winning piece needs to be copied so we must be able to separate the artwork from the board safely).
  • No frames or canvases will be accepted.
  • All pieces MUST be identified by attaching two items in an envelope to the back of the artwork: 1) a printed copy of the online application, which should include all necessary signatures; and 2) a photograph of the student holding his/her artwork with the artist’s name on the back of the photo.
  • Include a short bio of the artist in the envelope attached to the artwork.
Judging Criteria
  • Is it clear? Is it interesting?
  • Overall effective presentation of artwork and a message.
  • Originality of idea.
  • Expression of idea.
  • Effective use of the elements and principles of design.
  • Use of materials.

For more information contact Amy Qualmann, WASB, at 608-512-1713, 877-705-4422 or


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