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Office of School Safety (OSS) reminders

by | Oct 7, 2021 | Legislative Update Blog, State Issue | 0 comments

Wisconsin Act 143, signed into law in 2017, requires all public and private schools to submit the following information to the Office of School Safety (OSS) by January 1 of each school year. This is required of all school districts regardless of their participation in the state’s school safety grants in recent years.

The OSS provides a checklist for the annual requirements. If your district has no changes in floor plans or is within the required three-year window for submitting safety plans and assessments, school districts must still submit the 2021-2022 Act 143 Checklist to the OSS by January 1 of this current school year.

  • School Floor Plans identifying rooms regularly occupied by students
  • A copy needs to be shared with your local law enforcement agency also.
  • School Safety Plan
  • A school building’s safety plan must be submitted to the OSS, and be board approved, every three (3) years.
  • School Safety Assessment
  • A school safety assessment needs to be conducted with local law enforcement onsite for each building occupied by students. It is best practice that the School Safety Assessment align with review of the School Safety Plan.
  • School Safety Training
  • This is an annual requirement to the OSS that must be certified on school letterhead that provides 1) the date of the training; 2) the title of the training; 3) the names of those who participated.
  • Please visit the following for upcoming training opportunities –
  • School Violence Drills
  • This is an annual requirement that must be presented to the school board within 30 days of the drill for their review and signature. PRG Subscribers, see Sample Policy Exhibit 723.1School Violence Event Drill Evaluation and Report to School Board, that can be used for board authorization and submission to the OSS.

The checklist, along with other school safety resources can be found at the following website –

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