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Additional Coronavirus Resources

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention offers the most up-to-date Coronavirus Disease Information and Resources, including:

Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) Coronavirus Resources, including Coronavirus Rumor Control information

Wisconsin Department of Health Services Coronavirus Resources, including:

Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction Coronavirus Resources, including:

Wisconsin Department of Children and Families Coronavirus Resources, including:

Wisconsin Interscholastic Athletics Association (WIAA) Coronavirus Resources

  • Wisconsin Interscholastic Athletic Association Guidance for Summer WIAA Activities (issued 6/18/20)
  • On April 21, the WIAA Board of Control announced that it has cancelled the 2020 spring sports season, including competitions and tournaments. According to the WIAA, spring sport coaches can continue with virtual coaching until the scheduled date of what would have been the final day of the 2020 State Tournament for each respective sport (e.g., for softball – June 13; for track – June 6). Also according to the WIAA, 30 days of summer contact will be available for spring sports teams that include students currently enrolled in ninth through 12 grades during the 2020 spring season. The opportunity/invitation for seniors to play must be made available to them. If they decline or there simply were no seniors on the team, the 30-day window is still available to the school team. The WIAA is asking schools to document and record that seniors declined when asked to participate. The 30-day window of contact for spring sports was developed to offer all 2019-20 spring athletes the opportunity to have closure to their season…and for seniors their high school career.
    • For additional information regarding the 30-day summer contact period, refer to the Expanded Contact Days Questions & Answers Information on WIAA’s website.
    • On May 15, the WIAA Board of Control approved an extension of the alternate year physical exam period required for interscholastic athletic participation. Membership rules require a physical examination prior to participation in interscholastic athletics and every two years thereafter. The Board’s action allows a one-time extension of the two-year period for student-athletes with physical exam forms already on file. For Fall sports in 2020, student-athletes that have had a physical within the past two years “may receive an extension into the third year until they are able to get a physical with their primary care physician.”  Refer to WIAA’s website for additional information on the extension of the physical exam period.

U.S. Department of Education Coronavirus Resources, including:

Association of School Curriculum Directors (ASCD) Coronavirus Resources, including information on Leading Schools During the Coronavirus Crisis

U.S. Department Labor Coronavirus Resources, including:

National School Boards Association Coronavirus Resources, including:

National Association of School Psychologists Coronavirus Resources, including:

Coronavirus: Multilingual Resources for Schools

Collaborative for Academic, Social and Emotional Learning (CASEL) Coronavirus Resources, which include social and emotional learning resources for educators, parents and caregivers. CASEL has created a new CASEL Cares Initiative Webinar Series that is intended to help everyone – children, teachers, parents and other adults alike – attend to the social and emotional needs that arise during this challenging time dealing with the pandemic and the changes it is making in their lives. The webinars are being recorded and are available to access via CASEL’s website.


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