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Policy Resource Guide

The Policy Resource Guide (PRG) is an online policy tool designed to assist Wisconsin school boards and administrators in the important tasks of policy development and implementation. It contains information on a wide variety of topics, including policies required by law and “hot policy” topics.

The purpose of the PRG is to help school districts develop local policies that meet their own community needs and interests while keeping in mind general legal considerations.

Advantages of a Policy Resource Guide Subscription Include:

  • Online, 24/7 access to Wisconsin-specific policy resources created and updated by WASB’s Policy Staff.
  • Sample policies on an ever-growing number of policy topics that will assist your school board and administration in the process of creating, reviewing, and updating district policies.
  • Background information resources, complete with live links to current statutes and other publications, that will assist school officials in the day-to-day process of policy implementation, provide policy-makers with a solid grounding in the policy and legal considerations that are relevant to each policy topic, and serve as a new source of professional and board development resources within the district.

To learn more, see Frequently Asked Questions or contact the WASB’s policy services staff.

Integrate the PRG with the BoardDocs policy module to power-up your policy management!

Subscribers to the Policy Resource Guide (PRG) now have the option to integrate their subscription with the BoardDocs™ online policy management platform. With BoardDocs integration, school officials can seamlessly manage the entire policy lifecycle. With just a few clicks of the mouse, a school district can transfer PRG content to their local workspace, customize their draft policies, post active policies online for public access, and manage a local library of retired policies. Together, the PRG and BoardDocs offer great content and great efficiency at a great value ($600 annual fee for BoardDocs Policy Module for current PRG subscribers).

View a demonstration!  This recorded webinar from March 2018 demonstrates the Policy Resource Guide, policy management via BoardDocs, and the powerful combination of the two services.  [Please note: The pricing information included at the end of the video is no longer current.]

Read what others are saying about the WASB Policy Resource Guide

As a school board member and attorney, I strongly recommend the PRG to any school board seeking to maintain up-to-date and legally compliant policies at a reasonable cost. . .PRG definitely lightens the load for school boards when it comes to drafting policies.

Kalene Engel

Policy Committee Chair, Cochrane-Fountain City School Board

WASB PRG resources have been invaluable to our policy work…We have used the PRG when developing policy recommendations for board members, making decisions on both day-to-day activities and special circumstances, and answering questions from students/families/community members. It allows for consistency in our administrative activities and helps ensure that our stakeholders receive consistent responses to questions.

Sue Simpson Bark

Administrative Assistant, Maple Dale-Indian Hill School District

The PRG is easy to navigate and is effective for finding the most up-to-date information regarding policies. I also appreciate there are at times multiple examples to evaluate. Each district may have different expectations and this allows for flexibility in selecting what would work best for each district while meeting legal requirements.

Eric Wright

District Administrator, Elk Mound Area School District

I find the PRG useful as it provides me with not only policy language that I can use, but also provides the legal and political rationale for why specific changes should be considered. I also like the way the PRG engages me in writing policy so that I have ownership in what is being crafted. It is not about creating a boilerplate policy manual, but about having policies that reflect my district in a manner that is legally and ethically sound.

Dominic Madison

former District Administrator, Brillion School District

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