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Cover of the January-February issue of Wisconsin School News.

Wisconsin School News

January/February 2020


The January/February 2020 issue of Wisconsin School News elevates the voices of Wisconsin’s four 2020 Teachers of the Year.

They each wrote an essay to the state’s board members explaining what they think teachers and students need to succeed.

View the complete issue.

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Bawaajigekwe Andrea Boulley, Chad Sperzel-Wuchterl, Chelsea Miller and Erin McCarthy

Access and Opportunity
Dr. Nicohlas D. Wahl and Pam Hammen

Employer Partnerships Empower Students to Reach New Heights
Tania Kilpatrick

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Layla Merrifield

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Miriam Budithi


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John Ashley

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Turning the Calendar Page
Dan Rossmiller and Chris Kulow

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Title IX and District Athletic Programs

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