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Search Services

Are you an applicant seeking a superintendent position?

Visit our Application Process for information regarding our search process. View current Wisconsin Superintendent Searches.

Are you a board member seeking a superintendent?

Visit our Search Process for School Boards for more information. Board Centered, Superintendent Friendly and Data Driven. Selecting the right superintendent is the school board’s most important role. Finding an instructional leader who will achieve the vision and mission of your schools is an important decision that will directly impact student achievement. The WASB Search Services is designed to make hiring a superintendent a positive learning experience to help you better serve your district. We offer maximum flexibility to the board and assure total board control in the decision-making process.

National Affiliation of Superintendent Searchers

The WASB is an active member of the National Affiliation of Superintendent Searchers (NASS).

Read what others are saying about Search Services:

The professional search service offered by the WASB brought certainty, clarity, and confidence to what is the most important decision any school board can make.

Board Member, School District of South Milwaukee

We trusted the WASB. Several BOE members attended this year’s convention session related to the WASB Search Services and were impressed by the presentation (and presenters!). The WASB has wide experience with and knowledge of school districts throughout Wisconsin, and we were confident that this expertise would be invaluable in assisting us to find a person who would be a good fit for Waupaca and for whom Waupaca would be a rewarding place to work. The cost was competitive. A successful match was essentially guaranteed. The WASB will be following up in the fall to help ensure a smooth transition to and a smooth integration of our new district administrator.

Board Member, School District of Waupaca

The search materials helped to make our search exciting, gave us confidence in the search and provided an expert and mentor who fit in with our board and was “one of us” in the whole process.

Board Member, Burlington Area School District

The WASB was instrumental in helping our board identify our specific needs and focus our search parameters in order for us to make an informed decision for our district.

Board Member, Geneva Joint 4 School District

The consultant was very knowledgeable and professional, a true partner. He let us make our decisions regarding questions, format of interviews, and evaluation process. He guided us thru it all, but there’s no question our selected candidate was our choice, not pushed on us by the consultant.

Board Member, Randall Consolidated Joint 1 School District