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Search Services: Application Process

The WASB Search Services will soon begin using an online application system.

If you are already in our current database, we’ll update you via email when you may access the new WASB Search Services Portal to create an account. At that time, we strongly encourage you set up an account in our new WASB Search Services Portal so that our Search Services emails reach you.

Eventually, all applicants for WASB superintendent searches will:

  1. create an account in the WASB Search Services Portal,
  2. complete the Profile (similar to our Stage One materials), and then
  3. apply to a specific district’s search (similar to our Stage Two materials).

During that process, you will be asked to complete forms and upload documents.

In the meantime, please refrain from sending application materials to the WASB/Sally via email.

Thank you for your interest in the WASB Search Services. If you have questions or need to know if you’re in our current database, contact Sally Sweitzer at 608-512-1721 or