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State Assembly passes transgender athlete, school resource officer bills

by | Jun 17, 2021 | Legislative Update Blog, State Issue | 0 comments

A number of bills related to K-12 education passed the state Assembly during its floor session day on Wednesday, June 16 including a bill (Assembly Bill 196) aimed at barring male-to-female transgender athletes from competing as girls in interscholastic sports. That bill now heads to the state Senate.

The proposal would face an almost certain veto from Democratic Gov. Tony Evers should it pass the Republican-controlled Legislature.

Other bills passing the Assembly Wednesday:

  • Assembly Bill 330 – This bill requires full-time school resource officers (SROs) to complete training approved by the Office of School Safety (OSS). The bill also requires OSS to maintain a database of all
    school resource officers in the state. Under the bill, the office must include in the database the school district, private school, or independent charter school to which each school resource officer is assigned and when the officer completed the training required under the bill. 
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